Use WiFi to see through walls? This is how they have achieved it

They use two routers to see through a wall

what they have done is use a couple of Wi-Fi routers to achieve its goal of obtaining images of the shape and pose of a person in 3D, through a wall. But how have they achieved it? For this they have used a neural network called DensePose that what it does is map Wi-Fi signals to UV coordinates. This is when a 3D image is projected onto a 2D one.

Researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University. The key has been in being able to use a 1D sensor, thanks to the use of Wi-Fi antennas, to accurately map the pose of different people. They have not needed to use RGB cameras, LiDAR or radars, which would be much more expensive.

Not only have they managed to locate an object in a specific area, but they have also been able to detect humans and their pose. This has undoubtedly been one of the most important factors in this investigation. They have been able to show that their model can estimate the dense pose of multiple objects, compared to image-based approaches, but simply by using wifi signals.

Uses of this technology

But what can it be used for? They give as an example the medical care. For example, a person who needs ongoing medical care at home may not want to be surrounded by cameras or even cameras pointed at places like the bathroom. Instead, thanks to this method they could be monitored but without invading your privacy.

In addition, this Wi-Fi monitoring system is not affected by the low light or even the walls, as we have seen. A surveillance camera does not work if it has a wall in front of it or if the light is turned off, except for those that do have night vision, although it will always be limited.

But a clear advantage, something that will allow many people to use it in the future, is that the investment is very small. Basically it will be necessary to have a couple of routers. Much cheaper than purchasing an expensive LiDAR system, for example. It can prove to be an ideal replacement for more expensive technology. So, at least, the researchers behind this study consider it.

We must bear in mind that Wi-Fi networks are already very present in our homes. We have many devices connected and the quality of the signal is getting better and better. This will allow us to use technologies like this in the future and without the need to make a large investment. Of course, it will always be important to correctly locate the router.

In short, as you can see, a new study has managed to see through a wall thanks to Wi-Fi. At least they have managed to obtain silhouettes of people who are on the other side of a wall.

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