Venom 3: confirmed the arrival of the third film in the saga

It is through an interview with Collider that Amy Pascal, the manufacturer of Sony Pictures that a few days ago announced the new Spider-Man trilogy, confirmed what all fans of the symbiote suspected: the arrival of Venom 3.

Sony confirms the development of Venom 3

“We are at the beginning of the project but at the moment we are all focused on seeing No Way Home” said the producer, echoing the words released by Kevin Feige regarding the entry of the antihero in the universe of Marvel Studios (as revealed at the end of the second film):

If you look at the connotations of that in the comics, talk about the ones between Venom and Spider-Man, you can easily see that it’s inherent. The minute Sony made its Venom, it went so well, Tom Hardy became iconic as the character, the obvious question arose. “How can we begin to merge these two things?”.

Also Tom Hardy, on the occasion of the release of Venom Let Be There Carnage, had talked about the possibility of a third chapter of the saga:

“These things are usually done in groups of three films. S.and there will be a new chapter depends heavily on the success of all films, but each film must be made as if it were the last. I think it’s really important to think of them as if making one, two or three is the same thing … the same story, the same movie

What do you think? Will you also go to see the third Venom movie at the cinema? Let us know via a comment below!

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