viafintech and Solarisbank create a platform to deposit and withdraw cash without an office

viafintech and Solarisbank revolutionize the banking sector and join forces to create a platform to deposit and withdraw cash without the need for an office or ATMs.

Transform traditional banking and promote a new banking future. For this purpose, viafintech, Paysafe’s barcode-based alternative payment infrastructure, and Solarisbank AG, Platform of Banking -as-a-Service, have come together to launch a platform that will replace the physical locations of classic bank branches.

An alliance that takes a step further in the design of what appears to be the path of bank branches of the future, less and less and with very limited functions. The client must learn to carry out many of the procedures that until now could be carried out in the bank office.

And, given these changes, some companies are beginning to offer proposals that respond to the needs of those customers who must interact in a very different way with banks.

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This is the case of viafintech and Solarisbank. Both companies have integrated their services on a platform that has already been completed and tested, which will allow current and future Solarisbank partners to connect to it just by integrating a series of endpoints of your API and design the front-end of functionality according to your customer target and your corporate brand.

With this, customers will be able to operate in more than 20,000 points in Europe without the need for bank offices or ATMs.

viafintech and Solarisbank, the best of both proposals

It is a very new option in Spain, although ING started with this formula five years ago, managing to reach an agreement with the DIA supermarkets, as well as with the Shell and Galp gas stations.

In n other European countries such as Germany, France or Italy there are more proposals in this regard that allow you to withdraw cash from a business.

Now, this alliance seeks to revolutionize the banking market with a proposal that, as Leif Wienecke, Director General of Digital Banking at Solarisbank, points out, “From our point of view, integrating services such as viafintech is the key for the banking client of the future”. In this sense, the person in charge emphasizes that, with this, they seek facilitate daily operations to the clients. “Being able to complete additional services while making your regular purchases fits perfectly with our vision of a world in which financial services are seamlessly integrated into people’s everyday lives.”.

For his part, Sebastian Seifert, Managing Director and Co-founder of viafintech GmbH in Paysafe, is also satisfied with the alliance established since “Unites two sets of strengths and very complementary services”. In this sense, the person in charge emphasizes that his “Extensive and solid network of stores in six European countries will now be able to facilitate daily cash handling to even more companies and to their end customers”.

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