The apocalyptic images of British beaches littered with thousands of dead crabs, lobsters and fish

From one day to the next, Northeast UK beaches they woke up upholstered with thousands of dead crabs, mollusks, lobsters, fish and other specimens of marine species and scientists, in addition to being concerned, are looking for an answer that seems to point to the pollution and the climate change as its main responsible.

The apocalyptic findings began a couple of weeks ago, when residents of Brand Sand, Seaton Carew and Saltburn shared on social media photos and videos of the dead animals that covered the sand on the beach. “Something is very wrong on the high seas. Thousands of crabs, some lobsters and other fish, appeared along the coast. Much more than usual during high tides. It’s devastating, “wrote one Twitter user.

According to the BBC, fishermen have reported that they have had almost no catches these weeks, as the areas where lobsters, crabs and other marketable marine animals are usually found are simply empty or there are very few specimens; A spokesperson for the North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NEIFCA) told the media that he found this situation strange and very worrying.

That is why the Center for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture is also already investigating what what is happening in the sea, and for them their experts are already collecting samples of water, sediment, mussels, crabs and other lifeless animals to be examined in laboratories and thus confirm or rule out the hypothesis that their death is related to contamination.

Not only have small animals died

A marine life pathologist from the University of Teeside explained to the BBC that there may be many reasons why the animals found off the shores have died en masse. Obviously climate change is one of the main suspects of this phenomenon, but it would not be the only one, said the specialist.

Jamie Bojko said that in addition to the pollution, some disease could have been responsible for ending the lives of the thousands of specimensHowever, until now there is no known pathology that is capable of making animals of different species sick and killing them, because in addition to crabs, mollusks and small fish, a porpoise was also found dead on the beaches of South Gare.

Obviously, in addition to the scientific community is shocked before the apocalyptic find, also citizens are horrified before such images, because in many years there have never been such a large number of lifeless animals on the coast, not even when there are storms or high tides. Some reported that even divers have told them that there are more dead animals on the seabed that could soon emerge ashore.

“It was horrible to watch. They have been building up for the last two weeks, but I had never seen anything like it and nobody does anything. It was so deep in some parts and so high (…) My husband and I have spent hours putting as many (animals) alive as we could in the sea, something is very, very wrong here, “Mrs. Sharon Bell told The Mirror , who has been living in Marske, one of the worst affected areas, for just over two decades.

With information from BBC and The Mirror


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