Vivo’s latest crazy idea is a detachable camera

An Insta Go on mobile

If something cannot be denied to Vivo, it is to be one of the mobile phone manufacturers that is innovating the most in the design section. And we are not referring to aesthetics but to the integration of various components of it.

You have to be aware that you can have many and varied ideas, but not all of them have to end up being good ideas. Although that also cannot detract from the merit of trying to provide new options that still help inspire other mobile phone manufacturers.

One of the last ideas of the brand that did come to fruition was the camera with gimbal of the Vivo X50 Pro. In a very small space they managed to put a stabilizer like the one that you could use independently using an Osmo Mobile or similar.

That one was successful and it was carried out, but they have also had many other prototypes that they do not or are still working on. For example, the telescopic camera that, like a matroscan wrist, was combining different lenses to offer a multiple zoom from the use of a single sensor.

Well, now there is a new patent for detachable mobile camera. That is, Vivo is designing a main camera system for a possible future smartphone that could be removed and used in different ways.

The first one is both as rear and front camera. Depending on the orientation, you could take advantage of it for one thing or another. It would be something similar to those flip-up camera modules that we have already seen. The only difference is that you would have to pull it out and turn it manually.

The second mode would be like remote camera. That is, in the same way as the new Insta Go or as if it were a GoPro, by removing it from the mobile phone you could place the camera where you want and control it through your phone. This plus the possibility of placing it in different positions that would give its hinge would be very interesting.

A complicated patent, but with a future

Patents are often just that, patents. That is, the registration of an idea that you do not want to be stolen just in case at some point it is possible to carry out satisfactorily or adapting that initial idea to a more efficient one.

Therefore, this Vivo patent does not imply that the detachable smartphone pop-up camera It may end up becoming a reality, but it is true that it is an idea with a future. Because it would be simply to miniaturize even more something like what we already see with Insta Go.

The main handicap would be to offer adequate autonomy when used in this way. Because you not only have to power the sensor, but also the wireless communication module to be able to send the images without delay to the phone. But if all goes well, we could see something like this in no time.

And maybe not just from Vivo, because Samsung seems to have been toying with that idea as well. The difference is that the Korean manufacturer would introduce that camera on the S-Pen.

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