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Both options are widespread. Just do a search on the Internet, on platforms like Amazon, and you will find many different models that offer cold or warm white light. Having so many options sometimes makes us doubt what is best, although it will usually depend on each case.

cool vs warm white light

But what is this cold or warm white? Each bulb is based on a Kelvin value scale, represented by the K value. This will define the hue, which tells us if we are dealing with a cold or warm white light. You will notice it clearly as soon as you see two light bulbs on, one of each type. Each may be ideal in certain situations.

The cool white light It has a more bluish hue. It has about 6,500K, from the scale of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we have mentioned. It is a light that generates greater clarity, is more stimulating and is usually in places where we need more light. Instead, warm light has a more orange hue. In this case, you have about 2,700-2,800K. It is usually present in areas where we seek more relaxation and not so much lighting.

Where can we use each one? The cool white light, the ideal is to have it in places like a kitchen, a room where we go to work or where we need to have good light, such as a corridor in a dark area, a bathroom, a garage, etc. Basically, in areas where we are mainly interested in the vision that we are going to have.

On the other hand, warm white light is usually in bedrooms, living rooms and areas where we seek more relaxation and we are not so interested in having a lot of light. However, everything will also depend on each case and what you want for that specific room where you are going to put a light bulb.

You can see some smart bulbs:

Smart bulbs adjust

The advantage of using Wi-Fi light bulbs is that you will be able to control them remotely, as well as use certain functions. Among these characteristics we can include the fact that they can be adapted as we want. I mean, you can have a light bulb in a room and make it cool white, but then go warm white. Even intermediate tones.

This is useful if, for example, you have a room that has different uses. You could be working in the morning and want a cool white light, but in the evening you want relaxation and want the hue to transition to warm white. You will be able to adjust it simply from your mobile, through an app.

As you can see, these are the differences between having a cool or warm white smart bulb. The positive thing is that, generally, you will be able to adjust the tonality you want at any time. You are not going to limit yourself only to a specific shade, but you will choose the one that best suits what you need.

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