WachOS 8 candidate release ready for developers

Apple today launched the new Apple Watch series 7. However, we do not know when we will be able to buy it because Apple has only mentioned that it will be available in the fall. But for now what we do know is that developers can already install the watchOS 8 candidate version.

A week after Apple released the eighth beta version of watchOS 8, the American company released the candidate version. To install watchOS 8, developers will need to download the configuration profile from the Apple Developer Center. Once installed, watchOS 8 can be downloaded through the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General> Software Update.

You should know is that to update to new software, an Apple Watch must have a battery life of 50 percent, it must be placed on the charger and must be within range of the iPhone.

In this watchOS 8, there are improvements in Wallet that allow us to have the keys to unlock the doors of hotels, cars and houses, plus Apple will allow US users to add their IDs to Wallet later this year.

There is a new watch face, and Photos app has been updated with support for Memories and Featured Photos. New Find app is added and there are also new updates for Music, Weather, Timers and more, along with a new Contacts app.

By the way, it is not recommended to install these versions on main devices because although they are very stable operating systems, especially this version, they are still test software. Therefore, it may contain faults and render the device unusable.

Also as you have read in this post, is only available to developers they are the ones who “officially” test and value the devices.

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