Wait no more: here are the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things 4

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t mind swallowing all possible trailers, if you review each promo and aren’t afraid of swallowing the slightest spoiler published, then this is your moment. Netflix has published the first 8 minutes of the fourth season of Stranger Things and we bring it to you now here so you can whet your appetite with the new adventures that our beloved protagonists will experience.

The first 8 minutes of season 4

These first 8 minutes of the series will serve to transport you back to that magical world of the 80s that we like so much, but it will also show us the first brushstrokes of the new plot, since the video basically presents us with a flash back of events that occurred in 1979, where Eleven unleashed all her power to kill all the employees and children of the Hawkins National Laboratory. Everyone, except the director of the center, who is just the one who leads the first minutes of this preview.

You have it below in original version subtitled in Spanish:

A crossword puzzle that will give you something to talk about

In one of the scenes of this preview -at the beginning of the video- we can see how a character who remains anonymous fills out a crossword. After finishing it, the camera shows an overview of the puzzle, and that’s where we can see the entire puzzle -as well as revealing who is doing it.

Words like «Await», «Steadys», «Idea» or «Plan», appear between rows and columns, so surely more than one will start creating from now on theories conspiracy stories about what will happen on this occasion around some words of the crossword puzzle.

Do you have yours?

A season divided into two parts

Once again, Netflix will use the strategy of splitting the season into two parts, so Volume 1 will be available on next may 27, but for its outcome we will have to wait until next July 1. They are not dates too far apart in time, but, without a doubt, they will leave all viewers anxiously in the dark until they see the long-awaited end of the season a month later.

There has been quite a bit of controversy over how manage the season by the platform and, in general, the content service always offers us the entire seasons and does not usually divide them in this way, leaving users on edge.

However, this is one of the company’s star products, one of the most watched series in history of the platform and therefore it is understandable that they are trying to stretch the gum as much as possible to keep alive the conversation longer – even more so considering that the current cast has only one more season left to say goodbye to history because they are no longer children. In fact, some are even surprised that it hasn’t already done something like HBO Max, which doses its big premieres to one chapter a week.

How do you prefer the seasons? Full to do a marathon or dosed to maintain the hype?

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