War is on, there is a date for the next Intel and AMD CPUs

The next generation of Intel and AMD CPUs are going to have important changes in terms of communication with RAM and I / O devices, on the subject of RAM we have the launch of DDR5 memory, whose internal architecture breaks several standards set by previous generations that require change. Which translates into changes in the socket of the processors and the chipset of the motherboard.

Intel Z690 chipset release date

Through the Twitter account of the publisher of Uniko Hardware, we have been able to know information about the release dates of the Intel Z690 chipset that will include the motherboards for the Intel Alder Lake-S. This is important due to the fact that it marks the moment when we can buy them to mount a PC with the new CPU as the center of the system.

The release date of Intel’s Z690 chipset? The fourth quarter of 2021, which should not surprise us at all and it can be said that currently there are several motherboard manufacturers with a finished model in their warehouses, waiting for its sale and distribution. So the launch of Alder Lake-S is already more than prepared and organized.

The new information has to do with motherboards with the B660 and H610 chipset, which are intended for mid-range and low-range PCs respectively. Which will come out in the first quarter of 2021. Apparently Intel plans to make a staggered launch, first launching the Alder Lake-S with higher power and more cores at the end of 2021, and then gradually rolling out the rest of the range. the rest of CPUs in the first quarter of 2022.

Raptor Lake will use the Intel Z690 chipset

Raptor lake

Aside from the release date of the Intel Z690, the other information that has been leaked has to do with Raptor Lake, the family of desktop CPUs that will be launched in the third quarter of 2022 and therefore almost a year after Alder Lake-S. CPUs with Raptor Lake architecture could be released as the next generation of Intel CPUs after Alder Lake-S. Although everything indicates that it would be a slightly improved version of its predecessor and a smaller jump than the one that we will see from Rocket Lake-S to Alder Lake-S.

Well, despite using the same socket, the LGA1700, according to PJ Intel is launching a new chipset. Which will be called Z790. In a situation very similar to that of Rocket Lake-S with the LGA1200 socket. So everything indicates that Raptor Lake will bring a series of novelties, for the moment unknown, which will only be available if you use a motherboard with a Z790 chipset.

And what about AMD and its AM5 chipset?

Socket AM5 dimensions

AMD is not going to sit idly by and the launch of its AMD Ryzen 6000, codenamed Raphael, will also take place in 2022. Which will use the company’s AM5 chipset. Its release date? According to PJ Such motherboards will appear in the second quarter of 2022, so this indicates the release date of these Zen 4-based processors.

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