PS5 or PS4 accessories to take you to a rural house on the bridge

After many months without tasting one, finally we can enjoy a long weekend with one of those bridges that make anyone’s heart happy and invite us not to resign at work, so we can disconnect and enjoy what we like the most. And what can that be? Well, you got it right: travel and play video games with our brand new PS5 or PS4.

Pack your bags, there’s a bridge!

Having nothing more and nothing less than four days, many decide to wrap the blanket around their heads, pack their bags and seclude himself in a cozy rural house for three or four days disconnected from the world. Go to a place where no one bothers you and that offers you the possibility of being in contact with nature, walking, but also playing a few games of your favorite games with the peace of mind of knowing that no one is going to interrupt you with a plan taken with tweezers.

So if you want to take the console, the games, all the controls and anything else, we will recommend you a series of accessories that will help you keep your gamer set in the rural house and not live with the risk of something being left lying around without control. Without further ado, let’s start with our five recommendations.

Travel bag

First of all we will have to find a way to transport our PlayStation console, don’t you think? with this backpack you can take your PS5 or PS4, two controls (DualSense or DualShock 4), various games and even have plenty of space to put a laptop, for example. It also offers a very good design to match our machines.

Cover for controls

with this accessory your controls could not be safer. It is a case that is used for both PS4 and PS5 gamepads, where they will be shielded against any accidental fall. The same is built with Vibranium?

gaming suitcase

If what you like is showing off your collection of favorite games wherever you go, with this organizer you will be the envy of all the gamers to go with you to the rural house. This accessory has a capacity for 32 games, which, even for four days, is too many, but you never know. Nope?

Controller charging station

As every good gamer knows, you have to charge the controls from time to time, especially if we intend to hit a good vitiated one of those that go down in history. With this station for PS4 and PS5 gamepads you can charge them all as soon as you turn off the console after a lot of games with FIFA 23so it will no longer be a problem to fear that we will run out of battery.

Helmets to play online

This accessory is for those fans who, even if they go on a long weekend to a rural house, decide to stay connected and play with other friends or clan members. They have a microphone to communicate during the game or in chat mode simply to talk about anything with those colleagues who have not wanted to join us on the bridge.

And you? Are you going to take the travel console this bridge?

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