Warner Bros confirms James Gunn will return for a new DC project

Finally, the rumors of the past few weeks, which the director wanted, have been confirmed James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad) ready to go back to work for Warner Bros on a new DC project.

The Warner Bros. Walter Hamada, head of the DC Films label, said a few hours ago in an interview that Gunn had multiple projects in the pipeline with DC and Warner. It’s unclear if Hamada’s words are about The Suicide Squad spin-offs or if, Warner Bros. – who allegedly tried to get Gunn to direct a Superman movie before handing him Suicide Squad – may have something new in mind for. director.

James Gunn will be back for a new DC project, confirmation from Warner Bros arrives

Confirmation of Gunn’s commitment to a new DC project came through an article in the Hollywood Reporter, where Hamada talked about the cast and crew of the upcoming DC movie and was asked what he thought of bringing the director back to Warner one. once the engagement with Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

“Will come back”, Hamada replied to THR. “We have more things planned.”

Suicide Squad is looking to make about $ 70 million in its opening weekend, one of the biggest launch takings of the post-pandemic era, almost as big as Marvel’s Black Widow opening. That alone would have been enough to suspect Gunn might return, but the director’s seemingly boundless enthusiasm for the franchise, the cast, and the prospect of making Suicide Squad spin-offs convinced most people even before that. Warner confirmed everything.

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