Requiem of the Rose King: announced the release period of the anime

After the great success of the manga, it was to be expected that Requiem of the Rose King would receive an anime adaptation.

The dark fantasy / historical drama written by Aya Kanno and illustrated by Akita Shoten it will be transposed into series by the animation studio JC Staff.

The announcement came with a promo on the anime’s official website with which the names of the cast members and the release period of Requiem of the Rose King are also revealed.

When will Requiem of the Rose King be available?

In the promotional video that you find below, in fact, a precise date is not indicated, however anticipating that the anime series will be released in January 2022, instead of this fall (the postponement of the release of the anime to 2022 had arrived in the last month of July) .

The voice cast includes Mitsuki Saiga like Richard, Hikaru Midorikawa to give Henry a voice, Sho Hayami like Richard the Duke of York, Kousuke Toriumi that double Edward and Yasuaki Takumi like George Duke of Clarence. The story will be told by Houchu Ohtsuka.

ANN reminds that the technical staff includes Kentaro Suzuki as a director, Hiroki Uchida as a writer and script supervisor, Chikara Hashizume to the character designer, Kentaro Izumi as art director e Mayumi Tanahashi as a color designer, while Akihiro Takahashiis accredited as a director of photography. In addition, there will also be Yoshikazu Iwanami as audio director, Kou Otani to the music and Lantis as a music producer.

In Italy the manga Requiem of the Rose King it is unpublished by Star Comics and currently has fourteen volumes.

What is it about Requiem of the Rose King?

In 15th-century England, the clash between two dynasties fighting for the throne shatters the kingdom. The story of Richard, a young scion of the York family, takes place against the backdrop of the War of the Roses, which sees the opposing families of York and Lancaster, respectively represented by a white rose and a red rose.

The manga reinterpretation of the biography of an important historical figure, freely inspired by Richard III and toHenry VI by Shakespeare and immersed in an intriguing fantasy atmosphere!
From birth, the life of the noble Richard seems to be marked by a curse. His notoriously “deformed” body is the guardian of a disturbing secret, and a fate of hatred and cruelty hangs over his uncertain future …

What do you think? Have you already read the manga and now are you waiting for the anime series? Let us know with a comment below.

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