Watch: 3 Hours of Fake Windows, the 3D Emoji Lie, and the First C ++ Book

35 years since the first language book in C ++

One of the most important events related to the world of programming as we know it today can be found on the 35th anniversary of the first language book in C ++. It was thrown to the window in 1986, just 35 years ago, by the same creator of the language Bjarne Stroustrup. This is a book especially loved by many programmers, especially because of how the design and philosophy of C ++ are explained in its pages.

In the absence of an official standard in those years, this book served as a fundamental element of documentation for the C ++ language for most of the programmers of the time. Without a doubt, a whole anniversary of one of the most used programming languages.

Microsoft forgets about 3D emojis in Windows 11

Where I said I say, I say Diego, says the old saying and Microsoft seems to have made it their own. If you originally promised that Windows 11 would have new 3D emojis, Time seems to be wrong, as the company has opted for a 2D appearance for the emojis released this week for the Windows 11 Dev Channel update. These have a style that differs quite a bit from the 3D emoji from which Microsoft boasted last July.

At the moment it is unknown why the Redmond have finally decided not to adapt their 3D designs for Windows 11. Perhaps it is because emojis with a more linear 2D design work better for most applications. In addition, 3D emojis look different depending on the type of screen, so Microsoft has preferred to opt for a more consistent representation of them in a 2D design. We will see if in the future they decide to adopt them for some of their products.

Never seen Windows images collected

The history of Windows is long since its first version saw the light in 1985. Since then until today, several versions have passed, some with more successes than others. In the same way, some others have also stayed by the wayside and although there might be the idea of ​​launching them, they never saw the light.

In this curious YouTube video, we can find no less than hours of content showing no less than 3 hours of Windows images that never came into being such as Windows 96, Windows 4.5, Windows 300 Professional, Windows 9, among others. There are hundreds of images that we can see of their versions of Windows never published during their more than 180 minutes of duration. They may be true images or simply fakes but the truth is that it is still curious.

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