Watch out! This latest scam steals your YouTube account

Hackers often aim to steal accounts on popular platforms, such as social media and other apps. In this case it is a campaign which directly affects the youtube accounts. We are going to explain how your account can be stolen without you realizing it and, most importantly, what you should do to prevent this from happening and always keep your data safe.

Phishing campaign against YouTube

It is a new phishing campaign which in this case aims to steal YouTube accounts. These attacks basically use a bait to swindle the victim. It is usually an email informing us that something is wrong or that we need to make some changes. The problem is that by clicking and putting the data, we are actually sending it to an attacker.

As in many cases, what cybercriminals do is use a pirated software. They exploit a video tutorial to supposedly explain how to download a program or game for free. They provide a series of instructions and steps in the video description and that’s where the problem starts.

The victim clicks on those links that appear in the description of the video and enters malicious sites. Once they access, they request data to log in and that is when they will expose passwords and personal data. A common Phishing attack, where the attacker is going to achieve his goal through a scam.

have detected several campaigns similar and all have the objective of stealing YouTube accounts, email or data. They always use links as bait to supposedly download pirated applications or games. Sometimes they sneak in a piece of software that the victim installs and from there they begin to spy.

Within the data that they steal we can name passwords, bank cards, usernames, files, take screenshots, etc. Different campaigns may have different objectives but in all cases they will put privacy and security at risk.

What to do to avoid these attacks

So, what should we do to avoid Phishing attacks through YouTube and not fall for campaigns of this type? Most important of all is the common sense. It is essential to always install apps from official sources and avoid pirated ones. This is where cybercriminals have an opportunity to scam.

It is also essential that you log in to the platforms only from official apps and pages. Avoid entering YouTube or any other platform from links that reach you by e-mail or any other means. You could be entering a fake page without knowing it and that will expose your data.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to always have a antivirus guarantees. This will help you avoid the entry of keyloggers and other varieties of malicious software that can steal your data. Similarly, having the system updated is essential to correct any vulnerabilities that may exist.

In short, as you can see, we are facing new attacks that can put your accounts at risk through YouTube. It’s important to be prepared and avoid problems, just like we can fix errors on YouTube.

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