Waze can now notify you if a road has already been the scene of accidents

Waze today announced the launch of Crash History Alerts, designed to notify you if a road you’re approaching has been the site of crashes in the past.

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Waze is known for being one of the most reliable navigation apps thanks to its ability to inform users of real-time traffic, construction, police, accidents, and other potential obstacles. Today, the app just announced its brand new safety feature called “Crash History Alerts,” which will notify users of certain more accident-prone roads along their route.

The Google-owned navigation app will now send you a notification if you are driving along an accident-prone road. This is a feature that the company announced a few months ago now. Waze will post a message saying “Accident History” in the app before you reach, for example, a particularly difficult turn to negotiate.

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Waze improves road user safety with this new feature

Accident injuries are estimated to be the eighth leading cause of death worldwide – and Wazers around the world report accidents approximately every two seconds “, the company said in a blog post.

The idea here is therefore to alert drivers to areas where, for example, turns are tighter than expected or to warn drivers when they enter a street that is more accident-prone than another. Drivers would thus be warned to slow down or be careful to avoid an accident.

If your route includes a risky road, we will show you an alert before you reach that section of your journey “, the company said. “ To minimize distractions, we limit the number of alerts drivers see and don’t display them on roads they regularly use “.

Caroline Bourdeau, Waze’s public relations manager, however, clarified to The Verge in an email that the warnings, which are based on community alerts, do not take into account whether car accidents involve other people. vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

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