SONY INZONE M9 is it a good monitor or are there better and cheaper ones?

A few days ago SONY surprised us all with its entry into the PC gaming monitor market under its new brand INZONE, with which they have also decided to launch a series of headphones. So the veteran company that created the Walkman and the Trinitron seems to have a more important presence in the market for computer peripherals. Is INZONE M9 monitor good Or, on the contrary, are they just a pure brand?

One of the biggest headaches with monitors is choosing one that is ideal for all of our systems at the same time. However, the disparity in specifications between them means that those that are ideal for one thing are not for another. Is SONY’s INZONE M9 the ultimate all-round monitor?

SONY’s INZONE M9 is an excellent monitor

You just have to do a quick check of its specifications to verify that if we look at its general specifications it is an excellent monitor to €1099whose general specifications are as follows:

  • It is an IPS panel with 4K resolution and a diagonal of 27 inches. Which is the ideal size to place it both for our PC or to use it with the console. For those who use the same space for both, they will be able to kill two birds with one stone.
  • In addition, it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It is certified for DisplayHDR 600 so it supports up to 600 nits of brightness and 10 nits minimum,
  • Native support for VRR under HDMI 2.1. So you can not only eliminate tearing via G-SYNC playing on PC, but also on consoles. Both on SONY’s own PlayStation 5 and on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.


So far it does not seem to stand out compared to other monitors, however, the first thing to note is the support of FALD technology or Full Array Local Dimming. Which gives this monitor excellent image quality, especially when it comes to contrast. Nor can we forget its ability to support variable frequency. At this point, the quality of the chip in charge of it inside the monitor is very important, supporting refresh rates from 24 Hz. Which is ideal for games with low frame rates.

Ideal for streaming and professional rendering.

Although it is not a monitor that improves streaming capabilities, it is ideal for those who use two computers to broadcast content over the internet and have little space for it. All because of its integrated KVM controller that allows you to have two PCs connected to the same monitor and switch between one and the other when necessary. Having a double computer is also typical for those users who are dedicated to professional 3D design and have to have a whole PC to generate the scene. So the INZONE M9 is also ideal for this type of user.

For most users, the INZONE M3 is a better buy.

The younger brother, despite its Full HD resolution and its DisplayHDR 400, is a much better option for users with more modest computers. Not all PC gamers have a graphics card capable of playing games at 4K resolution. In addition, it has a 240Hz refresh rateso it is also ideal for eSports professionals.

At the moment it is unknown when we will see this variant, but it should not take long to do so.

Alternatives to this monitor

In any case, and by way of conclusion, it is a high-end monitor. Therefore, many of the functionalities that the SONY INZONE brings are not necessary for the average user. So there are other better options on the market in terms of price. Thus, we can find similar monitors for 200 or 300 euros less in price. That if, with a somewhat worse image quality. Which does not mean that the quality of the INZONE M9 is not excellent. Of course, you should ask yourself if the improvements are worth it, in any case, be prepared to let go of the wallet, but the quality of the product deserves it.

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