“We offer a solution that brings together the leading x86 servers with the leading VDI solution”

HPE and VMware have brought together their enormous technological and business experience in a joint VDI solution to offer all the advantages of the VMware Horizon Virtual Desktops (VDI) platform on the technology base of HPE servers in GreenLake pay-per-use mode. We had the opportunity to interview Antonio Areses, Category Manager at HPE GreenLake to learn more about this interesting initiative. The full video interview is available here:

[MCPRO] What is HPE GreenLake and what are the benefits for organizations?

[Antonio Areses] HPE GreenLake has been designed to meet all the expectations and expected benefits that our customers expect from the public cloud while maintaining the advantages of having an on-premises infrastructure (control of infrastructure, speed, security, …) without having to initially invest in the solution and not run the risk of being wrongly sized, either by excess or by default, in order to meet business requirements, which are increasingly variable and punctual.

All this without having to choose a destination, but it can be obtained where our data and applications need it, being free to decide at all times where it best suits us.

HPE GreenLake incorporates a control layer that allows organizations to manage their IT in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment as a single environment to control and manage, but always under our control, costs, regulations and security, capacity, … in short everything under our control.

[MCPRO] What sizes of companies is HPE Greenlake intended for?

[AA] HPE GreenLake was born more than 12 years ago and in the beginning we have always looked for large clients where we thought this approach had better application, but we have seen that SMB has a great application in companies. Large, medium and small size solutions have been configured to respond to the specific needs of our customers.

HPE goes directly to large customers and some SMBs that are already customers. Complementarily, it is the channel that facilitates us to reach the great mass of SMBs. We are working, for example, with local and regional corporations, which are large consumers of technology. One of the advantages that they have seen clearer in these cases has to do with clients who have gone to the cloud and then have returned. With us, this change is very easy, since we assemble the necessary infrastructure in your facilities, at the end, in a collorer, or in close and trusted partners and all in service mode and with a complete cloud experience.

[MCPRO] What is the joint proposal of HPE and VMware to facilitate the deployment of VDI solutions?

[AA] The industry’s most widely used x86 server platform is now delivered alongside the best virtualization solution, integrated from the ground up. This greatly speeds up project start-up, as well as cost control. The knowledge and technology that HPE and VMware treasure allow to offer a great user experience, with power, ease of use and availability as fundamental pillars.

With HPE Greenlake, it is offered as a complete As-A-Service solution including the computing capacity, storage, software and necessary services, thus providing a complete and holistic VDI ​​service that is fully scalable in several modalities:

  • Cloud
  • On premises
  • Hybrid cloud

Organizations can start easily and vary according to their needs, with local infrastructure, and then be able to grow to a cloud-based infrastructure and even hybrid cloud offering solutions that promote future-proof work, that is, without having to choose a destiny and always free for the possibility of evolving and changing as needed. And all this in a simple way, I choose the type and quantity of VDI profiles that I need and in an agile and simple way they are presented to me to be able to use them, thus changing the vision of the VDI solution, which does not have to be complex. neither expensive, nor locked to a decision of destiny.

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