Virtual Cable presents UDS Enterprise 3.6, the new VDI solution with security and multicloud improvements

Within the 33rd edition of the ASLAN 2023 Congress, Virtual Cable, a company specialized in the digital transformation of jobs, has presented its new efficient solution to provide greater security and new configurations for the multicloud structure in company management. This is the latest version of your VDI; UDS Enterprise 3.6.

With UDS Enterprise 3.6, and in the words of its technical director, javier gonzalez, the inherent seamless protection capabilities of your virtual desktop infrastructure are greatly enhanced. Most importantly, security is reinforced through the native two-factor and multi-factor authentication. To this are added the integration of third-party MFA solutions (such as the Google authentication tool) and a powerful and innovative Zero Trust configuration.

UDS Enterprise 3.6 develops its own mechanism capable of encrypting and providing greater security to the information received in the configurations of each and every one of the UDS components that are made via HTTP. And it is that companies and institutions around the world are increasingly exposed to cyberattacks, of high levels of specialization, which are aimed at jobs and the theft of data and company systems.

Virtual Cable continues to strengthen its position, in order to gain a better position and offer a better service, in this case in terms of security and multicloud, to its customers. In fact, recently, he signed a new agreement with LG to establish a joint solution for the education sector.

Efficient improvement in multicloud structure

Another critical aspect for the business fabric on which Virtual Cable has focused is the requirement of a greater flexibility and efficiency in resource management. He achieves it through the impulse of new multicloud capabilities to your VDI solution. To do this, Virtual Cable incorporates Huawei Cloud support in UDS Enterprise 3.6, which is added to other cloud platforms based on OpenStack.

UDS Enterprise 3.6 intrinsically collaborates with AWS and microsoft azure, demonstrating its interoperability with the platforms of these hyperscalars that allows you to automatically deploy highly secure virtual desktops on Windows and Linux. It has also added support for the SPICE connection protocol in the service provider. nextmox.

In this way, a powerful VDI platform is formed together with two other open source components, without this entailing an additional cost or lower performance for the client. Therefore, new resources and tools such as 3D graphics are included.

Your compatibility

UDS Enterprise 3.6 is compatible with the latest version of HP Anywhereanother high-throughput protocol based on the PCoIP technology. This is the only way to improve the user experience in the use of mobile devices, allowing them to telework from any location and terminal (BYOD).

Also, thanks to UDS Enterprise 3.6 from Virtual Cable, performance of HTML5 connections is optimized when employing docker containers. These are responsible for eliminating the need to directly manage the server hardware, as they will easily virtualize the entire operating system.

ASLAN 2023

UDS Enterprise 3.6 has been presented at the stad 14 of the ASLAN 2023 fair, at the IFEMA Madrid Conference Center. The possibility is offered to the visitor that they can learn and try, first hand, all these new functionalities. In fact, in the words of Javier González, they are very satisfied with the reception given to customers by conveying to them that their real needs have been listened to.

UDS Enterprise 3.6 maintains the Virtual Cable strategy of democratize the adoption of VDI technology so that all companies, regardless of their size and fiscal nature, could virtualize their jobs.

his last alliance

As we have mentioned previously, in recent days we learned about the celebration of a joint event between Virtual Cable and LG Business Solutions titled ‘Creating the future. Committed to education’ at the offices of LG Electronics Spain.

There they presented to the partners of both companies their joint avant-garde solution for academic institutions in which the innovative virtual environment developed by Virtual Cable with a LG pen display. A unique option to merge LG monitors with software UDS Education Virtual Cable and improve the security and productivity experience.

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