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The new iPhone SE should be presented this week by Apple, but what should we expect from it this year?

On March 8, 2022, in just a few hours, Apple will lift the suspense on the future of its iPhone SE. If we are to believe the many rumors of recent days, the Apple brand should indeed, except cataclysm, presented the next iPhone SE this Tuesday evening. In its usual keynote at the start of the year, the Cupertino company could give pride of place to its “entry-level” phone.

Arriving for the first time in the Apple brand’s stores in 2016, this phone has always been able to make a special place for itself in Apple’s offer, and it has always been a great commercial success.

The iPhone SE: the post-innovation phone

The first model released under this designation was the last representative of a format that made iPhone history, when the iPhone 6 had just been released, breaking Apple’s codes. In 2020, the apple brand put the cover back. While Face ID had arrived on the iPhone X a few months before, now the new iPhone SE took the form of the iPhone 8, as well as Touch ID.

The two models therefore show Apple’s strategy very well with regard to the iPhone SE. These should not be technological jewels. The latest innovation from the apple is also never present in the SE models. These phones generally come out as the Cupertino company has just taken a big step forward. The brand then offers a product that is less expensive, but as efficient as high-end products from one or two years ago.

No big news to come?

But the problem for Apple when looking at the iPhone 13s, which are Apple’s latest phones, is that they don’t have great technology that might be missing, like Touch ID. and Face ID, respectively on the first and second generation iPhone SE.

It is therefore difficult to know precisely what the Apple brand intends to put in its new iPhone SE. According to Ming Chi Kuo, who is the best known and most reliable analyst to date when it comes to Apple, this new phone should above all stand out for its price. Other journalists, like Mark Gurman, estimate that the next iPhone will cost less than €300, a quarter of the price of an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

5G and that’s it?

So, for that price, what might the features of the phone be? Still according to Kuo, Apple will not take a lot of risk in the end, and will keep the “iPhone 8” format which had already served as a support for the creation of the iPhone SE 2.0, in 2020. The great novelty which could please a lot to the public is 5G support on this phone.

According to another apple brand expert Ross Young, the finding is the same. The new iPhone SE will only have “minor” improvements over 2020, and they should all, or almost all, be software. If the rumors do not make us want to jump to the ceiling, we will now have to wait for Tuesday evening and the keynote from Apple to have the heart net, and discover the true face of this new iPhone SE, if new iPhone there is.

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