Wendy wanted to kill her ex-husband and searched online for a professional killer: this is what happened

When Wendy got divorced he wanted to murder his ex husband. Literally. The woman from Michigan, United States, wanted nothing more to do with him and searched the internet the services of some professional killer do the dirty work for her, well he didn’t want to get his hands dirty And he didn’t trust anyone enough to ask.

This is how the 52-year-old woman came to, a website that offers services like the one that Mrs. Wein needed back in July 2020, reports The Washington Post. Evidently, it is a trap, but many do not know it and actually seek to hire assassins at all costs.

Although at first glance the page does not seem so reliable, those who visit it usually feel comforted and hooked to see that it has alleged agreements protected under a law called HIPAA, approved in 1996 in the United States, to protect the patient medical confidentiality; besides that it has the “testimonials” from people who have already used the services by Rent a Hitman.

“People are serious,” he said. Bob innes, the site manager, who lives in California and sends information to the police about the persons requesting the assassin serviceYes, especially if they are serious cases, like Wendy’s. That is, it is a kind of trap that many people have fallen into since it was activated, when in reality it was the page of a security business that never prospered.

How does the cheat work in Rent a Hitman?

Wendy did not do well, because after Bob reported her case to the authorities, she was arrested a few days later. He was left with no choice but plead guilty to looking for a murderer at the beginning of November of this year and according to The Washington Post, it could at least nine years in prison when sentence is handed down in January 2022.

She was arrested when the operation was supposed to be carried out to kill her ex-husband. Although in reality, the professional assassin contacted was not that, but a undercover cop who received an initial payment of 200 dollars and who would be given 5,000 more when the job was finished. Then he orchestrated the report and got her arrested in Michigan.

When you enter the page, it welcomes you and affirms you be the solution to your problems since 1920. It does not explicitly say that it is a portal that contacts you with hit men, but in the name it is already said what the portal is about (rent a hitman means in Spanish “rent a hitman”).

Further on, he explains how confidentiality agreements work, a bit of the history of the business supposedly created by Guido Fannelli 201 years ago.

The section “Got issues? Click Here” it’s a form in which people must enter their customer’s personal data such as name, age, telephone number and personal address, as well as target data: name, telephone, address, social networks and an explanation of why and how they want to “exterminate” him.

In these times when digital security is important and the recommendation of experts is not to deliver personal data to any internet portal, it is surprising that people continue to fall into these types of traps, however, as far-fetched as it may seem, The Rent a Hitman mailbox receives between eight to 10 requests per month.

Historically, Bob Innes recounted that he has received from 650 to 700 applications since 2005, when you activated the page, although the form option was only implemented in 2014.


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