What a bargain! The MacBook Air with M1 processor throws its price

Main attractions of this laptop

As we mentioned before, this computer has taken a giant leap by incorporating the M1 chip. If you do not control much at a technical level, you should know that this is a processor that incorporates, that is, the brain of the computer. It is such an efficient chip that it allows not a single fan is included and that despite this there is a excellent temperature control. Therefore, you will not have to endure annoying noises of the fan ringing or you will scorch your legs if you use it between the knees.

This is also a computer tremendously light which makes transporting it very comfortable, since it does not weigh much. It also allows you to be an all-rounder and to be able to use it both at home using a table and on the sofa or bed. Even to take it on public transport while working or enjoying a series. It has a 13.3 inch screen which looks really good in any light situation.

As for performance refers, it is a team more than capable of executing all kinds of tasks without messing up. Would it be valid for a very powerful graphics or design studio? Well, honestly no, since they are very, very demanding tasks. But it is valid for many other functions of professional use such as photo or video editing, as well as the use of office applications. And of course for leisure surfing the internet, listening to music or watching series and movies. And all this with a battery This is a very positive surprise, since it can perfectly withstand a day’s work and even more if the use is not very demanding.

MacBook Air discounts

With all the previously mentioned we suppose that few doubts remain about this team. In The Bitten Apple we are in love with him. In fact, what you are reading has been written with one of these, so the recommendation we make is very sincere. But above all we recommend it now because its price has dropped considerably in Amazon, a trusted store where you can buy it completely new and original having 2 years warranty, covered by Apple during the first and by Amazon during the second. Also with a 30-day return period in case you regret it (we don’t think it will happen).

Review MacBook Air M1 Apple Silicon

We can meet with discounts of up to 200 euros in some cases, depending on the storage capacity and color chosen. It is available in its versions of 8 GB of RAM with 256 GB of storage of the SSD or 512 GB, in addition to space gray, silver and gold colors. You can check more details about its final price and availability in the following link.

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