What Are The Different Types Of Smartphone Holders?

Over the years, the use of smartphone car holders has increased exponentially. This is because they offer many benefits.

Smartphone holders have reduced the number of accidents due to being distracted by their phones while driving.

In order to get the best smartphone holder for your car, it is important that you know about the different types of phone holders available. Let us have a look.

1. Universal phone holder

Universal or adjustable smartphone holders can hold tablets as well as smartphones. Most models are strong enough to hold devices weighing eight pounds or more. Apart from that, you can rotate, fold and adjust them according to your preferred angle.

These types of holders are ideally mounted onto car desks and vents. Unlike traditional vent mounts, the universal phone holder hands free device features a push release camp that provides robust strength and stability.

2. Pop sockets

Pop sockets are another very cool gadget used by most people today. They are circular disks attached to the back of someone’s smartphone with the help of a strong adhesive. Once you pull it out, the pop socket will extend out, making it easier for you to hold your phone with a tighter grip.

3. Rig phone grip

A ring phone grip is very similar to a pop socket, except that it features a ring instead of a plastic circle. The ring acts as a handle on which you can place your finger. It looks as if you are wearing a ring. It can also be used as a kickstand for your phone on the table.

4. Easel

Easel is a DIY phone stand that can hold your phone or tablet. It is made from wood.

Is it legal to mount your phone on the windscreen?

According to the law, you cannot hold a phone while driving. However, you can mount it on the windscreen such that it does not obstruct your view and vision.

This means you cannot place a phone in a smartphone holder on the windscreen such that the cord is dangling in front of you and blocking your vision.

The main purpose of mounting a phone on the windscreen is that you are not distracted while driving. If you want to accept or make a call on a hands-free smartphone while driving, you should remember the following:

  • Ensure the hands-free function is working before you start driving
  • Keep your calls and conversations short, and do not engage in emotional or difficult conversations.
  • Tell the caller that you are driving and will call them when you reach your destination.

According to experts, you should take caution when mounting your phone on the windscreen or vent. You need to make sure that the cord and unit do not block your view.

Remember that according to the law, it is legal to install a smartphone holder on your windscreen only if it is not blocking your view. Also, as learners, P2 and P1 drivers, it is banned for you to use the phone whether it is mounted or not. 

The bottom line

Smartphone holders are a great invention that has made using GPS for navigation, answering, and making calls while driving easier, safer, and less risky. You should totally consider purchasing one for yourself; they cost only $6.

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