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Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2023 and 2024 on Android: search for Sniffer eggs in Trail Ruins, visit Birch Forest, and meet new mobs in Cherry Biome!

Minecraft 2023 and 2024 Update

The amazing world of the game continues to delight players with new adventures. Biomes are becoming even more picturesque, ancient structures are being generated more often, and there are more opportunities. Many options have been used since the release of MCPE 1.20.0 Trails and Tales, for example, archeology. Developers find new ways to improve existing features and add new ones, for example:

  • Taming and breeding of the Sniffer;
  • customization of armor;
  • new mobs in the Cherry Grove;
  • creating unique decorative pots;
  • search for seeds and their cultivation.


Exploring the world can bring Minecraft PE 2023 and 2024 players not only the pleasure of seeing natural beauties, but also interesting finds. For example, in the Trail Ruins, it’s worth trying to find Sniffer eggs.

Also, templates for armor are stored in ancient structures.

Birch Forest is a place where the trees are even taller than usual. Walking through this biome, users can see a variety of flowers that can be collected.

Cherry biome pleases players with a unique kind of wood and petals falling from trees that are suitable for crafting dye.


Treasure hunting has become even more fascinating with the advent of archaeology. Minecraft 2023 and 2024 players have access to brushes for cleaning blocks from a layer of suspicious sand.

Pottery sherds in the amount of four pieces will become the basis for a decorative pot. By the way, new small pots can be made in different colors.


A variety of inhabitants live in the virtual world of Minecraft PE 2023 and 2024. Some of them help to find objects, while others simply become the decoration of biomes. And some are familiar to players thanks to mods for Minecraft Bedrock. It is worth getting acquainted with each of them to find out their features.

SnifferA creature that helps users search for plant seeds named Sniffer used to belong to mobs that cannot be tamed. The development team decided to fix this, and gave Minecraft players the opportunity to feed and tame an unusual animal.
TrollA meeting with a Troll can happen in the Taiga among the woods. Mobs have a health reserve that allows them to defeat many creatures in Minecraft 2023 and 2024.
Cherry DinosaurAmong the trees of the Cherry Grove, players may notice an unusual creature. This dinosaur is friendly, although it has an impressive size. A distinctive feature of it is the flowering trees growing on its back.

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