What do the Spanish self-employed ask of the political parties?

After a pandemic, from which one in three self-employed workers says they have not yet recovered, The general rise in costs, and the impossibility for more than 37% of transferring it to prices so as not to lose their clients, means that many are being forced to abandon the activity and, even more, are on the tightrope before the reduction of margins, working many of them at a loss.

According to the ATA Barometer, the self-employed They have increased their turnover on average by 13% compared to the previous year. However, its costs have risen on average by 33%. The group has been greatly affected by the inflationary crisis derived from the war in Ukraine, which has catapulted its energy and fuel costs, raw materials, rental of premises, warehouses and offices, as well as distribution and logistics costs due to problems in logistics chains.

But, in addition, as if that were not enough, it has been the direct victim of what we call “regulatory costs”. The increase in tax pressure and especially labor costs and social contributions through the rise in the SMI (45% in the last 5 years), the increase in bases in the PGE (increase in bases by 8 ,6%), as well as the reform of the pensions (a rate of 0.6 in addition to the contribution rate and which will double to 1.2% in the coming years), are clear examples of this.

At the moment a freelancer with two employees at SMI (the average for the group) has seen its share of self-employed workers increase in the minimum base from 377.84 to 418.39, more than 40 euros per month and 480 euros per year. And as for the SMI, which in 12 payments is 1,260 euros, which if we add business contributions plus MEI goes to about 1,700 euros, means that you will have to enter about 2,000 euros per worker to offset your salary costs and that these skyrocket . In other words, you will have to enter close to 50,000 euros per year just to be able to assume the labor costs of your business.

Proposals to politicians

To reduce the costs and bureaucracy faced by the self-employed in Spain, ATA proposes a series of measures to political parties. First of all, suggest the reduction of bureaucracy and the simplification of administrative procedures, which would allow these workers to save time and resources. In addition, they propose the implementation of fiscal measures that alleviate the tax burden, such as the reduction of taxes and social contributions.

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Another proposal is the creation of a more flexible regulatory framework that adapts to the needs of the self-employed, allowing greater flexibility in hiring and labor regulation. This would give them more freedom to run their businesses and adapt to market fluctuations.

In addition, ATA advocates for promoting training and access to training programs for the self-employed, in order to improve their entrepreneurial skills and promote innovation in their businesses. They also propose the creation of specific financing lines for the self-employed, which allow them to access the capital and resources necessary to promote their business activity.

In terms of Social Security, the association’s proposals include various measures to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment. Some of the main proposals are:

  • Extension of the flat rate to three years, for all those self-employed workers who prove that they continue to be below the annual SMI in their second year of activity.
  • Establish a rate of 50 euros for students under 25 years of age who are studying higher education, regulated or FP, and have completed the flat rate period.
  • 100 euro fee for those self-employed people who meet certain requirements, such as not having carried out the activity continuously for certain periods of time and not exceeding certain income derived from their self-employed activity.
  • Guarantee equalization in the social protection of the self-employed, especially in women, adapting said protection to the needs and specifications and to the times and places of work.

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