What does the teaser of the Lord of the Rings series mean?

As you know, Prime Video already published the first teaser of the next series The Lord of the rings and revealed what it will be called. And luckily, because they had us more on tenterhooks than Frodo’s ring since they announced that the September 2, 2022 on your Amazon platform. Since then they had given us no more clues, except that the plot takes place during the Second Age of the Sun. This data has been more than enough for the most passionate of the legendarium of Tolkien are able to guess the plot, number of chapters, cast of characters and even an outline of the dialogues. But let’s not get ahead of the facts yet.

The meaning of the teaser

The video they have published, so only one minute long, leaves us wanting more at the beginning. The camera flies over what appears to be a landscape of reddish, fog-filled canyons. Only those close-ups throw us off, as they do not resemble the iconic places of New Zealand’s Middle Earth to which we are accustomed.

Suddenly it starts flowing a river of lava, which goes through every corner of the valley. The curves are not natural and we begin to suspect that the geography of the place is a bit artificial. we also heard a voice in off female narrating the famous excerpt from the most iconic poem in this universe:

«Three Rings for the Elven Kings under heaven.
Seven for the Dwarf Lords in stone palaces.
Nine for the mortal men doomed to die.
One for the Dark Lord, upon the dark throne
in the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.»

A tsunami washes over the interconnected rivers of lava, and that’s where it dawns on us: the landscape we were looking at was nothing more than a wooden casting mold, and we are attending the creation of the ring of power. The shot opens and we can see the name of the series in freshly cast letters: The Lord of The Rings, The Rings of Power.

East teaser remember the header The Crownwhere we see the jewel of the British crown forged in the air, and at the head of Game of Thrones, where the crown of the Iron Throne also appeared. We are not going to accuse them of being unoriginal because, after all, The Lord of the rings try to “melt things” if you start to summarize a lot.

How could those who know better have guessed The Silmarillion than his mother’s phone number, This series will recount the time when the rings of power are created. This happens during the well-known Dark Years, and it happens centuries before The Hobbit Y The Lord of the rings.

Who will appear in the series The Lord of the rings?

Preserved setting of Hobbiton in the Lord of the Rings

We can be sure that almost all the characters will be new, because the members of the beloved Fellowship of the Ring had not yet been born. The only character that we do know and it would make sense for him to appear in the series would be Elrond, which is older than a forest. In addition, the actor who played him in the trilogy, Hugo Weaving, is preserved almost as well as Jordi Hurtado, so we can keep the small hope that it appears in the series. It’s all a matter of waiting until next September to see it on the Prime Video platform.

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