What graphics card do you have mounted on your The Grefg PC? It’s the TOP!

It is really difficult to acquire a graphics card today, but it is relatively easy for influencers to do so thanks precisely to their influence with brands. But if we talk about TheGrefg then everything is much simpler because of the media pull it has, to the point that its new PC has what is possibly the graphics card more TOP that can be purchased today. What model is it?

As expected in an influencer of such caliber, TheGrefg has taken over the best of the best on the market within the world of gaming without having to go to a much more complex and dedicated scenario such as breaking records by overclocking. For this reason, the GPU that it currently enjoys is the most complete and possibly the fastest model that exists at the moment.

The graphics card for TheGrefg: ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3090 O24G GAMING

It is not just any RTX 3090, not at all, it is without a doubt the most complete on the market and in this O24G version it is also one of those that is capable of achieving the highest frequency in Boost. Here you need performance, low noise and if it is accompanied by good aesthetics along with good materials, well, this card has all that and more.

Protected and punctured in a Dark Hero, this ASUS ROG RTX 3090 O24G It has a series of improvements compared to the previous versions of the previous RTX 20 series. Starting with its three axial cut fans where the central one rotates in the opposite direction to the two sides to improve airflow and thus temperatures.

To this we must add what is possibly the best heatsink today, which includes a technology that improves contact with the chip and thus transfers more heat, making it cooler than the die, the card manages to raise its frequency even more thanks to the NVIDIA algorithm to little that the ASIC that integrates is good.

Premium components


ASUS is and will be ASUS, and that means premium components. Starting with a new rear backplate that improves cooling, an even denser and taller heatsink that will allow us to have greater cooling capacity, a first-rate phase system and also something that many like, two connectors PWM FAN CONNECT II for two additional fans.

We cannot forget its industrial cover in various shades of gray that integrates an addressable RGB lighting system on its front and that can be managed from Armory Crate. Everything named makes this graphics card that integrates nothing less than 10,496 shaders and 24GB of GDDR6X to 19.5Gbps achieve a Boost frequency of 1,860MHzwhich is 165 MHz more than NVIDIA’s reference card.

Except for the fact that the RTX 3090 Ti will supposedly arrive with a drop count, TheGrefg has the best GPU on the market for gaming today on its PC, which has interesting customization through a custom-made mod.

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