What happens if I put the PLCs too far apart

Why distance affects PLCs

If we put the PLC far away between each other we can have problems of speed and stability. Although they are devices designed to be able to transfer the Internet connection from one place to another in the home, the truth is that there are factors that can influence and cause failures. Let’s see the most important.

bad wiring

The first of these is that the cabling is in poor condition. If our home has old power cables or they are not in good condition, this will inevitably affect the use of PLC devices. This does not mean that they do not work, but it does mean that the speed is not going to be what we expect and we are going to be more likely to suffer cuts.

For this reason, the more distance there is between the PLCs, the worse for the Internet connection. More problems we will have to get it to work correctly. The state of the wiring will not be so easy to control, but at least we will be able to take certain measures as we are going to explain.

different circuits

The distance can also affect much more if the PLCs are connected in different electrical circuits of the house. If, for example, we connect them from one room to another that are 15 or 20 meters away, as long as they are on the same electrical circuit, we should not have many problems.

The thing changes if we connect them in different circuits. Keep in mind that our home is divided into several electrical circuits. In this case, the distance is going to matter even more and we could have problems connecting.

Tips so that the distance does not affect

So, what can we do so that the distance does not affect the PLCs or, at least, reduce the problem? An important recommendation is do not connect the devices to a power strip, but directly to the electrical network. This will avoid problems and make the connectivity more stable, without the annoying cuts appearing.

It is also essential that the wiring as good as possible. In this case, we are talking about the network cable, since if we are going to connect them very far away and we also use a bad Ethernet cable to connect other devices, we will have more difficulties to achieve a good speed.

Another tip if we are going to connect from far away is to try as much as possible avoid wifi. That is, if for example we are going to connect a television to a PLC, do it by cable. In this way we will achieve more stability and reduce the typical problems that appear with wireless networks, which are always more unstable.

Ultimately, distance can be an impediment for PLC devices. It is important to take into account some factors so that they work as well as possible. You can improve the speed of PLCs.

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