What liquid cooling system has Henry Cavill put on his PC?

Assembling your own computer from parts is relatively simple and at the same time, it allows you to save a little money. If in doubt, you shouldn’t, since the very Henry Cavill, who has played Superman and Geralt of Rivia in his day build your own computer. Now, due to the heat wave, he has decided update it and improve the cooling a bit.

Actually setting up a computer does not have too much mystery. All components have a single position and following the manufacturer’s manuals should be enough. In addition, there are many tutorials that show you how to assemble it step by step.

Superman updates his computer to keep it cooler

For those who don’t remember, Henry Cavill in 2020 public a video on your Instagram account setting up your new computer. Then it became quite viral because The Witcher series had been released very recently, where he played Geralt of Rivia. A quite powerful computer at that time and that he still has and continues to use without major problems.

Cavill indicates that, due to the heat wave suffered in the United States, his liquid cooling has ended up dying, so you had to change it. It is not only due to the heat wave, it also has a lot to do with the micro-evaporation that this type of refrigeration suffers. Over time, they lose fluid and no longer work as well as they did at the beginning, which has influenced their death.

You have chosen to set up a new NZXT Kraken liquid cooling, since apparently he liked it quite a bit. But he has chosen not to mount the original NZXT fans and has bought some Noctua fans.

These are very quiet fans, quieter than usual. Something that allows it to be well refrigerated, but with less inconvenience. Note that Cavill has opted for earth-colored fans, typical of the Austrian brand. They are not very pretty, nor do they have LEDs, but they are one of the best on the market today.

Due to excessive traffic over the years, and no doubt the recent heat wave, my AIO cooler decided to give up (which is a PC thing, for those scratching their heads at the moment). So while I was replacing it, I decided to upgrade my fans as well. These little beauties run nice and quiet. I still have 2 more on the way to complete the set, but I got hugely impatient and installed the ones I had anyway.

And for those in the know, don’t worry, those temperatures are in games.

Superman loves his PC

It is striking that at a time when it seems that the computer has to be very beautiful, Cavill has opted for quality instead of design. He has not looked for fans that go unnoticed or with lights, he has looked for quality, performance and low noise. It is clear that he has read a lot about it and surely, he has asked for advice.

It is also striking how clean the computer is inside. We can see that it does not have the slightest speck of dust, something that clearly indicates that it is regularly maintained. Despite this maintenance, due to the high temperatures, the refrigeration had to be changed.

Another interesting fact is that it indicates that he uses the computer a lot, so he seems to be quite an important gamer. Maybe you’ve come across it in a game and you hadn’t noticed.

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