Five gaming mice that are FOR A LIMITED TIME for less than 30 Euros

Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC

We started with a simple solution, with a classic design, but of great quality and a top brand. Logitech offers us a mouse Aspect simple, but at the same time it is of enormous quality. It has a great balance between design and performance, resulting in one of the best mice on the market.

This mouse integrates a sensor that offers us a sensitivity minimum of 200 DPI and maximum of 8000DPI. We can generate different profiles as we want, thanks to the G HUB Software. It has a total of six programmable buttons, to suit all user requirements. In addition, it has a RGB band that we can customize to taste with the brand’s software.

We have a mouse with a simple design, but with great features and brutal quality, ideal for all types of users.

HyperX Pulsefire Core

Undoubtedly, you know this manufacturer more for its SSDs and RAM memories, but it also offers gaming peripherals. HyperX It is one of the most reputable brands in terms of storage units, but its keyboards, mice, and headphones are highly valued by users.

This Pulsefire Core mouse is characterized by having a PixArt 3327 optical sensor that offers us up 6200DPI. We see that the sensor is a little worse than the previous model, something that we must take into account. It also has six programmable buttons and RGB lighting in the logo located where we support the palm of the hand. For adjustment and customization, the brand offers us the ngenuity software.

Something that we really like about this mouse is its symmetrical design, something that makes it suitable for right-handed or left-handed people, indistinctly.

HyperX Pulsefire Core


We have been surprised when we found this mouse on sale, since it has a price, normally, quite high. EVGA It stands out for its graphics cards and other components, but it is another of those manufacturers with gaming peripherals. Despite the fact that it is not known as much for it, they are medium and high-end products.

This mouse stands out for its sensor PixArt 3389 which allows a sensitivity of up to 16,000 DPI. Something quite curious about this mouse is that it has two additional sensors that detect when we lift it off the mat. Using a three-dimensional algorithm, it can detect surface gaps of between 0.4mm and 3mm. A rather curious aspect and that is not usually given.

This mouse has the ability to host up to five custom profiles using the UNLEASH RGB software. We can also customize the weight through a set of five weights, 5 grams each.


Razer Death Adder Essential

We turn to another brand recognized above all for its peripherals, although it offers other solutions. Razer We could say that it is a brand that offers premium focus products, but they have more simple solutions, so to speak. This mouse is one of these cases, which is why the brand calls it “essential”.

Use this mouse a optical sensor 4G type that offers us a capacity of up to 6400 DPI. Of those seen, it is not the one with the highest sensor quality, but it is very good anyway. One aspect that stands out is its design, which is simple and focused on offering an ergonomic grip. It lacks RGB lightingbeing another of the aspects that stand out from this mouse.

Fairly simple and good quality solution from Razer, although there are more interesting options on this list.

Razer Death Adder Essential

Trust Gaming GXT 980 Redex

This mouse has caught our attention for two aspects: it is quite simple and wireless. Trust Gaming offers us a mouse with very good wireless performance for a very competitive price. Normally, mice of this type usually cost twice as much, more or less. So we could not leave it out of this short list.

Its adjustable optical sensor stands out, offering a resolution of up to 10,000 DPI, adapting to all needs. It has RGB lighting in the logo, in the scroll and in the lower back part that we can manage with the GAMINGX-software Of the brand. One thing we like is that battery operated, not battery-powered, which is rare in cheap wireless mice. Thus, we can use it with a cable while we charge it, something that will not be often, since it offers up to 50 hours of useas long as the RGB is turned off.

I must admit that its appearance is quite basic, but the great autonomy that its battery offers, and that it is not with batteries, seems very remarkable to me.

Trust Gaming GXT 980 Redex

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