What to give for Christmas to a fan of retro

1. Pandora Box, an arcade in your living room

If you miss the old machines Arcadian and the atmosphere loaded with recreational facilities, fear not, that you will be able to return.

For that, nothing better than a Pandora Box, a machine that has those hard controls and those unmistakable buttons of then. With more than 6,500 games inside and the possibility that two players at the same time recall their old days, it is the closest thing you will have to going back to childhood.

It is compatible with TVs up to 4K and you won’t have to be dropping coins. There’s also two versions, the cheapest has the two controls on a single platform and the most expensive has them separated, so as not to have to bear the elbows of your rival.

2. A pinball machine (with up to 300 games)

If yours was the pinball instead of recreational, we also have something for you. You can give away such a machine and look like a king.

Our recommendation is that you start small. Therefore, this machine pinball It is ideal to give to a child and to stop being with the mobile all the time. Measuring 45 x 25 centimeters, it is also ideal for an adult to play when no one is looking.

And if you want to go to another level, you can really get it. Of course, get ready because the budget will go up a lot. In fact, in case you have a hard time deciding which one to give, and you have 2,600 loose euros, you can choose this pinball virtual.

It’s like a pinball normal, but it has up to 300 different games that will be projected on the two screens that it incorporates.

3. A jukebox for music lovers

If the person you are going to give is a music lover, as well as nostalgic, do not hesitate to take a look at one Jukebox. This Arizona Wood Edition that we propose is ideal and supports mp3 music, has FM radio and also accepts CD’s.

Which seems silly, but it is quite possible that someone who likes this gift will keep them.

Actually, it is like an old mini stereo, but the truth is that his style is irresistible.

4. A record player, but modernized

Continuing with the music, it was obvious that a record player was going to appear around here. If you want to combine the new and the retro, we recommend one with good wooden design and incorporating connection bluetooth, like this one, for example.

5. A phone like the old ones

If you want to give something that gives a touch of distinction and makes visitors think that they have traveled to the past, nothing better than giving one of those rotary phones.

It is a telephone, it does not have more, You will not be able to see messages, or send them, or know who is calling, but you can answer as if this were the last century.

And since we’re going retro, we’re going far too far and we like this vintage design, although there are others to choose from and you can easily find those hard plastic ones from the 80s and 90s.

As you can see, if you are a retro lover and want to give something like this, there are a lot of options that will make you look like a king this Christmas.

This article contains some affiliate links. If you buy something of what we have seen, The Output may receive a small commission. However, none of the products have been included at the suggestion of any brand, or for any reason other than the hopes and traumas of a childhood among arcade machines. And having to ask the father of the girl you liked if he could get on the landline, of course.

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