What to watch the weekend on Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Disney +

What to watch on Netflix

When it comes to the return of one of the most successful series in the history of Netflix, we could not do anything but recommend the fifth season (part 1) of La Casa de Papel today. As you will well remember, the last installment of this Spanish series will be divided into two parts, so that now we can enjoy the first one, made up of 5 chapters (50 in length), and the rest in December.

Thus begins the beginning of end of this fiction created by Alex Pina with our favorite group of “criminals” in deep trouble. As you will remember, they all decided to get together to give a new coup, this time at the Bank of Spain, and thus get Rio released. Things have gotten more and more complicated, and in the last episode of season 4 we saw how, in addition to regretting some casualties, the Professor has been discovered by the relentless Alicia.

Therefore, a heart attack ending awaits us in which we will surely witness more than one unexpected turn, as those responsible have us used to.

Do you want to open your mouth? Well, here are the first 15 minutes of the first episode.

What to see on HBO

The week of premieres on HBO has been quite weak so, as recommended, his thing is that you look at a proposal to see as a family as it is Airbender, the last warrior. This film is based on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender (in Spain, Avatar the last Airbender) and has been directed by one of the fashion directors of the moment, M. Night Shyamalan.

His story tells us how the Fire nation, after a century of fights, continues at war against the Air, Water and Earth nations. Aang (played by Noah Ringer) is the only one with enough power to control the four elements so he will try to end this fight with his companions, not without encountering problems and obstacles in his mission.

In case you prefer something more adult, you also have the movies of Men in Black and the classic The Truman Show.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon platform has released this week a new version of the classic account of Cinderella. It is a film in musical format and with a certain more modern touch with the popular singer and actress Camila Cabello.

Directed by Kay Cannon, you will be able to relive the story of this charming Beauty and the Beast character and with other participating actors such as Idina Menzel, Billy Porter or Pierce Brosnan.

Don’t you mind waiting for Sunday? So that day you have at your disposal the sixth season of Fear the walking dead, with all its episodes.

What to see at Disney +

Within the Disney catalog we are going to keep a special that comes like a glove -hem, ahem- this weekend. Sure, we mean the new episode of Marvel Studios Legends, dedicated this time to the film of Shang-chi and the legend of the Ten Rings.

This series of specials is responsible for reviewing epic moments from the Marvel phases and delving into details related to upcoming installments, so that with the premiere today in theaters of the aforementioned title, it comes to you that not even painted.

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