Free Mobile will finally switch to 4G calls to improve their quality

The Free Mobile network will soon evolve to significantly improve the quality of telephone calls, thanks to VoLTE.

The quality of telephone calls with Free Mobile will soon experience a notable qualitative leap: the operator took advantage of its agreement to announce the imminent arrival of VoLTE technology on its network. It is currently being tested, said Thomas Reynaud, CEO of Free, during an exchange with the community on September 18.

VoLTE to make calls in HD

VoLTE technology (acronym for Voice over LTE) consists in making calls made or received directly on the 4G network. This process thus makes it possible to offer better sound quality to communications, almost instantaneous calls and to browse the Internet at the same time. Of course, this requires being covered by 4G and having a compatible smartphone.

Thus, in addition to sound quality, VoLTE makes it possible to establish a call in just a few seconds, compared to ten before, thanks to optimized routing of the link. It also allows you to go on the net at the same time without having to switch the voice to 3G. Everything goes through 4G. Convenient, for example, to transfer files quickly and while the discussion is taking place, without degrading it.

4G Free Mobile coverage
The level of coverage of the territory in 4G at Free Mobile.

VoLTE is an optional technology, but it has ended up being essential among operators, especially in France, because it also makes it possible to boast the possibility of making calls with high definition sound. In particular, VoLTE mobilizes codecs covering a wider frequency band, which reproduces sound more faithfully. These 4G calls thus benefit from increased priority.

It was time for Free Mobile to switch to VoLTE calls in its turn: it is the last not to offer them in its offer. In this area, Bouygues Telecom has been a pioneer. A few thousand customers were able to benefit from it as early as 2015, before this technology was extended to others the following year. Orange and SFR followed later, the first in 2016 and the second in 2017.

Free Mobile can get started all the more since its 4G network covers almost the entire population – 97% according to statistics from September 2020 (for the territory, the last stage announced 86%). The arrival of VoLTE at Free Free Mobile should also be seen in the measures of the telecoms regulator: the operator, which is a little behind the others, should catch up a little more.

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