WhatsApp incorporates photo editor for computer: how to use it

WhatsApp continues to renew its tools and one of its latest updates allows it to perform a task demanded by many users. It is the option to edit photos every time we send one from the desktop or notebook PC, thus making it easier for lovers of the application Mark Zuckerberg. In this article we are going to tell you the keys to start using the recent function.

For both Windows and macOS, the photo editor of WhatsApp is available so that you no longer use the phone to send a photographic file. This function, which is also available for WhatsApp Desktop, the desktop platform of the company of Marc zuckerberg, seems to have come to stay. It is that the claims were constant since users needed to use external applications to crop, rotate or add text to photos. That is why Meta’s family took action on the matter.

The keys For the use of this recent function they will lie in similar issues to the smartphone version, therefore it lacks any kind of complexity. First we must open the conversation and look for the option to attach a photo, as we were used to in previous updates. Once there, WhatsApp It will open an explorer window of our pc or notebook and we will have to select the files to send.

When we have already selected the file to send, the photograph will be loaded automatically in the application WhatsApp. Once we can view it, we will also see a function bar at the top of the screen. There we will see an important range of tools for editing.

Consequently, we will select the desired option. Here, Marc Zuckerberg’s platform will allow us to add emoticons, stickers, text and draw it, as well as the possibility of cutting it or rotating it to the left or right. Once the process is finished, we will only have to send it.

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