WhatsApp: this is the most effective way to schedule messages

WhatsApp constantly exhibits its hundreds of functions, proving that it is one of the Applications more installed in cellphones. A few days ago we announced the photo editor function on WhatsApp Web, one of the most requested tools by users. Fulfilling this request was a success, however there are other requirements from customers of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

During the weekends or vacation periods, the idea of ​​letting go of the addiction generated by the phones is a utopia. There is always a message to send in WhatsApp And sadly, we relapse and are constantly “online”. Faced with this panorama, and in the face of a lack of response by the leading instant messaging company, we tell you about one of the best Applications to schedule messages.

This is Wasavi, a platform that allows messages to be programmed and that these are sent reliably when the user so wishes. First of all, it must be clarified that this service is not offered by WhatsAppTherefore, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is not responsible for message leaks and other problems related to virtual fraud.

Any of the Android and iOS phones can download this app. Once we have it on our smartphone, we will proceed to give it the corresponding permissions such as preventing it from running in the background and disabling energy saving. When Wasavi has already granted our authorization, we will continue with the programming of the message of WhatsApp.

First you have to press the option “Schedule a message”. Once we have done it, we will look for the contact to whom we are going to send the content and determine the day, month, year and time in which we want the message to go out. Subsequently, it is necessary to determine if it is a personal account or WhatsApp Bussiness. When we have carried out this procedure, all that remains is to write the text and press the send option. Finally we will leave the rest of the applications aside and we will dedicate ourselves to enjoying our free hours outside the cellphones.

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