WhatsApp: This would be the new function to group your chats

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, which is accessed daily by millions of users to communicate with co-workers, friends and family, through different group chats offered by the app.

The function of chat groups, came as a tool to group users with a common goal or interest, however, over time they have also become a function loved by many and hated by others, due to the large number of notifications that could be reached. receive,.

However, apparently, WhatsApp continues to believe that community spaces are an important part of its core, so that in the coming weeks it could be launching a new function that would reach the app to better organize groups according to a common theme.

According to reports from Wabetainfo and Computerhoy, the application owned by Meta could be working on a feature of which the first screenshots are already shown.

It could be said that communities is a new place where administrators have greater control over several WhatsApp groups, having the ability, for example, to group several groups that share some type of theme.

How does the communities tool work?

Like in a group chat, the communities they will be a private space where several people can communicate, through end-to-end encrypted communication. Unlike group chats, this space will have a single defined theme.

Another novelty lies in its design, since the community chat they are represented by a square icon with rounded edges. Administrators will also be able to send messages in this group chat and group them with other spaces related to the community.

These spaces remind us of the forums, in which we find users with a topic gathered so that at the same time it can be divided into posts related to the main topic but that are commented separately and sub-grouped to the main topic of the forum.

An example of this can be a cell phone forum, which has subtopics grouped by manufacturer, brand, model or even by operating system, iOS or Android. This function could also be compared to what it currently does Discord with the servers that would be communities and the channels would be the groups.

Regarding the operation of communitiesAs usual, administrators will be responsible for inviting other people, adding them manually or through an invitation link to the community. While the participants will be limited to the consumption and creation of the content.

Although at the moment this function has not been officially confirmed by WhatsApp its arrival is expected to be soon, and it will be available on iOS and Android. It is important to mention that your final design could change with respect to the leaked images.


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