WhatsApp will add two-step verification in the version for macOS


WhatsApp has always taken it very calmly when it comes to add new features and above all to offer the possibility of using its platform on other devices without requiring the iPhone to be turned on.

If we talk about the security that WhatsApp offers us, we have to talk about the improvements in this field that the application wants to introduce by adding two-step verification during the login processboth in the applications for macOS and Windows and in the web version.

According to the guys at WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will ask users to create a 6-digit PIN as an extra layer of protection for your account, a PIN code that will be requested both by the applications for macOS and Windows and when we use the web version.

WhatsApp has long been working on ways to catch up with rival messaging services when it comes to offering support for multiple devices. Despite its popularity, it is still one of the only messaging applications that is not available on tablets, this being its most negative point.

That will change in the future, with WhatsApp paving the way for new customers with a true multi-device supportand an additional layer of security that will allow checking if the user trying to access is the legitimate owner of the account.

The screenshots obtained by WABetaInfo show how users will be able to create a six-digit PIN to protect their WhatsApp account, which they must enter every time they try to sign in on another device.

But nevertheless, it seems that the PIN will be optional, and users will be able to enable or disable it as they please, so, once again, WhatsApp is shown to do things half-heartedly and without really showing any intention of offering real multi-device support.

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