WhatsApp will allow activating self-destructing messages by default

Available for five months now, it seems that the functionality of the WhatsApp self-destruct messages has been very well received, being one of the few functions that will receive an early improvement with the next update. And it is that from now on we will have the option of set a predetermined lifetime for all our messages within chats.

Until now, the default option of these disappearing messages had to be activated manually for each of our chats, while now we can activate this function of self-destructing messages by default. In this way, no matter where or when we write, our messages will automatically disappear after the established period of time.

On the other hand, we will still keep the option to deactivate this type of ephemeral messages for certain WhatsApp chats, so we can continue to maintain some conversations intact. What’s more, it will also not change existing chats that do not have the function activated disappearing messages, so you don’t have to worry about joining in and all your old conversations disappearing after certain periods of time.

It should be noted that, as with changing the encryption of a phone when using the application, those users with whom we chat will see an alert in the chat that will indicate that the auto-destruct messages have been activated by default, so They won’t be surprised when the messages start to disappear.

Thus, although initially the function was limited to a life span of seven days, we will soon be able to choose between new options that they will go from 24 hours to 90 days. While these add more flexibility, it is true that we would like to see some options in between 7 days and 90 days, or even the ability to manually choose the time.

In addition to this service, if what we are looking for is the maximum discretion and privacy in our conversations, we can also make use of the self-destructing images of WhatsApp.

Lastly, mention that it seems that this new setting will not apply to groups, where the manual option will be kept to activate self-destructing messages exclusively during the creation phase of the group chats themselves.

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