WhatsApp will transcribe voice notes to text

The one that ends today is being, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable weeks in terms of WhatsApp and the number of headlines that it has starred in, and all of them due to new features, and all of them very interesting and expected. Both the users of this service, which to this day is still the most widely used in the world, and Meta, have reasons to be quite happy, because a few weeks like this one and, without a doubt, the service will manage to catch up, to the less in terms of functions, with its main competitors.

Last Tuesday the deployment of a function that we had been waiting for years was confirmed, and that we learned that it began to be tested in 2022. I am referring, of course, to the possibility of using the same account on several smartphones. This completes multi-device support which already debuted last year, and which is already common in other services. It is possible, however, that you still cannot use the so-called companion mode, since WhatsApp indicated that the rollout will be completed over the next few weeks.

On the other hand, just a couple of days ago we learned that WhatsApp is also beginning to test on Android the transfer of conversation history directly through the local network, that is, avoiding the need to move files between two devices that are They are less than a meter away from each other. it is necessary to upload them from the source to the cloud from Google and then download them from Google to the target device. It is not yet clear when it will reach the final version, and if it will also make it to iOS, but it is certainly a big step.

WhatsApp will transcribe voice notes to text

Now, to end the week, we find another function in tests detected by WABetainfo, and that will make WhatsApp transcribe voice notes to text. A function that, in my opinion, is more useful than the two that I have mentioned above, and that both seem to me to be very necessary and that they improve the service substantially.

From accessibility reasons to how insufferable it can be to have to listen to an unwanted audio note lasting several minutes, the list of reasons why this feature seems like a giant hit is almost endless, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

As always with WhatsApp betas, there is no information on when it will start to reach users, although taking into account that we are talking about a complex function and with a notable economic cost (due to the computing power required to carry out the conversion) it is likely that we will still have to wait a bit of time to start enjoying it. A wait that, in any case, will be worth it.

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