When is FIFA 23 released? A leak reveals

This edition of FIFA will be remembered for a long time, and no, we are not talking about technical issues or hyper-realistic graphics. we mean it will be the latest fifa as we know it, since EA decided to free itself from the official license of the International Federation to fly on its own from 2024. So, when will the new FIFA be playable?

FIFA 23 launch leaked

The latest rumors shared by the famous insider Tom Henderson suggest that EA will make a presentation in July to talk about the upcoming releases of 3 very important IPs for the firm: FIFA, need for speed Y skate. This last one would be a great announcement, since the famous Skate simulator was forgotten since Skate 3 was launched 12 years ago for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, the development of this skate 4 it’s ongoing, and its launch wouldn’t take place until 2023, so forget about skating anytime soon.

But going back to FIFA, it seems that the release date of the game will take place as usual in September, placing it exactly in the September 30th. This is nothing more than a date very similar to that of other releases in the saga, so it would not be a surprise if it was finally the chosen day.

The news that will come


Although some rumors suggested that the game could be free-to-play, the information suggests that this will not be the case, since it will maintain the traditional business model of premium price and in-app purchases. That yes, the much talked about cross play Cross-platform is coming, but sadly in the near future, so don’t expect to play with PS5 friends from your Xbox Series X from launch day.

What does seem to be confirmed is that women’s teams and teams will be included, as well as the world cup intro, which is being held this year in Qatar. We’ll see what this world cup mode looks like.

The new Need for Speed

need for speed

The new installment of Need for Speed ​​is going to be quite different from what we are used to seeing. It seems that in the graphic aspect we are going to have great changes, since there is talk of a mixture of realistic graphics with touches of cartoon. To give you an idea, the fire from the nitro systems will look cartoonish as well as other visual effects.

According to the information published by Jeff Grubb, the graphics will mix photorealistic images with touches of anime, but as exactly described by Tom Henderson, it seems that the character design and animated effects will closely resemble those of The Boondocks series. As for the official name, it sounds Need for Speed: Unbound, but it is not at all clear that it is so. On the launch, we would have to wait until November 4.

In a few weeks we will leave doubts

Be that as it may, what does seem to be clearer is that it will be in the month of July when EA announces something officially, and in the case of FIFA it must be yes or yes due to the month we are in.

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