When will Nvidia Shield TV issues be fixed after updating to Android 11?

The update of the Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro to Android 11 was one of the most anticipated by users of this powerful multimedia player. Although it seems that the firmware launched by the American giant has choked on it and thousands of customers are suffering from all kinds of Nvidia Shield TV issues after upgrading to Shield Experience Upgrade 9.0.

At the time we warned you of the reasons why you should not update your Nvidia Shield TV to avoid all the problems that the arrival of Android 11 has caused to this device. And while it’s true that Nvidia is releasing updates to fix some of the Nvidia Shield TV’s issues, it still has a long way to go.

We have told you the steps you must follow to solve the failures of this multimedia player through a hot fix that Nvidia is releasing every time it fixes a bug. But this is just a patch and Shield TV users need a fix for it in order to enjoy a good user experience.

Nvidia is collaborating with Plex and Google to fix all the issues

One of the main problems caused by the arrival of Android TV 11 has to do with internal storage. Apps that ask for permissions to access the files saved in the player seem to not get access, which leads to all kinds of errors.

Fortunately, Nvidia has confirmed that it is already working together with Google and Plex to solve these problems. And the problem is more serious than it seems. From what Nvidia has indicated, the Shield TV Android 11 update actually has a bug that causes the “Allow only while using app” button to always be marked “Don’t allow” automatically.

This error prevents all kinds of applications from accessing the content you have saved. Although the big loser is Plex, the well-known multimedia server that now has broken libraries, as well as problems detecting external storage units.

But the solution is on the way, as reported from 9to5Google, since they have contacted Nvidia and they have confirmed that are working with Google to fix storage-related issues, in addition to with Plex to fix the issue that prevents an external storage drive from being accessible through the Shield TV.

And the answer that Nvidia has given is quite hopeful:

“The latest software update introduced an issue where ‘Allow only while using app’ behaves the same as ‘Don’t allow’. As a result, Many applications that rely on “Files and Media” permissions to browse and view file data, such as PLEX Media Server, MX Player, and VLC, do not work properly.

We are working with Google to fix this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, the functionality of many of these apps can be restored by manually setting the app’s “Files and Media” permission to “Allow all the time” or “Allow”, depending on the app and permissions.

In some cases, users have been able to uninstall and reinstall the app to restore functionality. Also, for PLEX Media Server users, there is a known issue if you have migrated your library metadata to external storage. We are working on a solution with PLEX to resolve it as soon as possible”

In this way, it is clear that Nvidia is working to fix the Shield TV issues by updating to Android 11 as soon as possible. Surely in the next few weeks they will release an update that will finally solve the problems with the storage and with Plex, so now the only thing we can do is be patient. Although knowing the main reasons for the problems that are occurring and that a solution is being worked on is a good sign.

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