where is it cheaper to heat water?

Heat water in the microwave or ceramic hob to save

When we talk about heating water, we could also talk about heating milk for coffee, for example. We can simply put a glass in the microwave or use the ceramic hob. They are two household appliances that have a high electricity consumption, but there are differences in terms of efficiency.

First of all, it should be mentioned that not all models are the same. That is, you can have a microwave of greater or lesser power, for example. But if we start from an average, we can say that turning on only part of the ceramic hob can consume between 1,200 and 2,500, depending on its size and other factors. Let’s say, for rounding purposes, that our model consumes 1,500 W. On the other hand, a microwave can generally consume 800 to 1,100 W. It depends on the model and configuration, but let’s say 900 W.

Starting from that base, we can already see that a microwave consumes less than a ceramic hob. We are talking about 1,500 W compared to 900 W, in the example that we have given. As we say, it can vary depending on the model.

But there is a determining factor which is the weather. Here once again the microwave wins. It is much more efficient and in less time we will be able to heat the same amount of water or milk as in the ceramic hob. It can take about 3 minutes to heat something on the ceramic hob (although it will depend on the level we set) and less than 2 minutes to heat milk or water in the microwave.

Therefore, if you wonder if it is cheaper to heat water in the microwave or ceramic hob, the answer is that in the first case you will consume less electricity. It is a more efficient appliance in this sense, so it will take less time and it will also consume less.

Choosing an efficient appliance is key

A fundamental factor is to choose the right appliance type and also the mode that we are going to use. We can apply this to the microwave, ceramic hob or any other that we use in our day to day. The most modern ones are undoubtedly more efficient than the same appliances from a few years ago, but you should also look at the power and the energy efficiency label.

Sometimes it will be more profitable to even buy a new appliance and thus renew an older one that you have. You can start saving a lot of electricity in that case and pay off the investment in a short time. Especially the devices that spend the most, it is key to use an efficient one.

In short, as you can see, it is important to choose the right appliance to use in order to use less electricity. In the case we have seen, heating water in the microwave is more profitable than doing it on the ceramic hob. In addition, it is convenient that you review the consumption of your electrical appliances and see if it is convenient for you or not to change them.

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