Why a virtual desktop can avoid security problems

A virtual desktop can be very useful in remote work

But what is that of a virtual desktop? Basically we can say that it is like having another computer, within the same computer. It can be of different types, since there are even virtual desktops in the cloud. But the general idea is to be able to divide the use that we give to a computer equipment.

This may have a great utility facing remote work. We can create a virtual desktop to carry out work tasks, use specific applications, have folders, etc. In this way we separate it from the personal use that we give to that computer.

Not only can it be very useful in order to have order, to be able to divide tasks or to avoid certain problems. Keep in mind that a virtual desktop can be very interesting in terms of improve security when working remotely.

It should be noted that due to remote work, hackers have increased the number of attacks against certain sectors. Ultimately, they are more likely to be able to access confidential company information or steal passwords if workers are on computers that may be unprotected.

How a virtual desktop improves security

How can a virtual desktop help us stay safe? We are going to explain the main reasons that will increase our defenses and thus avoid certain attacks that could infect computers, steal passwords, data …

One of the reasons security improves is reduce attack surface. This will make it difficult for threats such as ransomware to enter. For example, a virtual desktop in the cloud that is well configured and updated will reduce that attack surface.

We can also better protect data important of the company. It is a fact that many security breaches have occurred after a remote worker has opened a Phishing email or downloaded a file on a personal level, on the same computer with which he works. In another article we explain the steps to improve remote desktop security.

In addition, we have the option to create Access controls more robust, more difficult to break than a normal physical equipment. As long as it is properly configured, an intruder would have a harder time penetrating and taking control.

In short, a virtual desktop can be the solution to reduce the security risk when working remotely. A way to better control systems, protect files and confidential information.

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