Why the company from Girona, Informàtica3, has been bought by the giant Cegid

A few days ago, we found out that the French cegid went back to “shopping” and acquired IT3, a company founded more than 40 years ago that works on the creation of software solutions to optimize the management, mainly, of SMEs and professional offices. In this way, the company added almost 4,000 clients and more than 35,000 Informàtica3 users to its portfolio.

Based in geonaInformàtica3 develops solutions for tax, labor, accounting and billing software for SMEs and professional offices, as well as CRM and back-office and front-office tools related to hotel and restaurant management. With 17 employees and income of more than 2.3 million euros, Informàtica3 complements Cegid’s offer, above all, andIn the eastern and northeastern region of the Iberian Peninsula, where it concentrates its activity and is a benchmark in the industry. Its main users include more than 35,000 businessmen, advisors, accountants, managers, retailers, hoteliers and restaurateurs, to whom Informàtica3 reaches both through its own channels and through a network of partners.

Santiago SolanasCEO of Cegid Iberia, LatAm and Portuguese Africa, has highlighted that “Informàtica3, in addition to positioning itself as a benchmark in a market of special interest to Cegid, has done so with values ​​and a work culture very close to ours. This aspect, in addition to extensive experience developing technology and taking care of its customers, has undoubtedly been decisive in attracting our attention. We believe that we are going to benefit each other both in the development of new business and in the growth of the existing one thanks to the offer of complementary services”.

For his part, Esther ZerbstCEO of Informàtica3, has commented on the operation as “a great opportunity to continue offering our clients the most innovative solutions, with a close work philosophy based on continuous improvement. Joining Cegid will also allow us to reach new territories and new capacities to continue innovating”.

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