Why Windows 10 gives us an error when returning to Windows 7 or 8.1

Precisely for this reason, there are many users who finally decide to try it to see first-hand both its positive and negative things. This way if it doesn’t quite convince them, they can always take a step back and reinstall the old version of Windows. Or at least that’s what they believe, because sometimes this can become a more complex task than we might initially anticipate.

Actually, we mean that we can find certain errors when trying to install an older version of the system from Windows 10. Go ahead to install and use Windows 7 at the moment it is something quite dangerous. This refers to the fact that it is a system that is no longer officially supported, does not receive updates, and can be a source of malicious code.

But the truth is that everyone is free to choose the software they want to use in their Pc, including the operating system. But as we tell you sometimes when taking that step back we can find some errors, either when trying to install Windows 7 or 8.1. Next, we will give you some of the reasons why you could find these.

Old system backup failed

It is worth mentioning that when we install a new version of Microsoft’s operating system, whatever it may be, the software takes a precautionary measure. Specifically, we mean that it creates a series of folders in which it stores a backup with the data from the previous operating system. You are with $ Windows. ~ WS and $ Windows. ~ BT, which are hidden on the hard drive.

With everything and with it we have the possibility of seeing and managing them from the System File Explorer activating the view of hidden elements. However, if for whatever reason we have deleted them, or they have been damaged, we simply will not find them and we will not be able to return to Windows 7 or 8.1. It may be the case that we have accidentally deleted them or that they have been eliminated by some specific cleaning application.

We have installed a trial version of Windows 10

Another section that we must take into account is that to reinstall Windows 7 we must have a final or public version of Windows 10. With this what we mean is that, if we have installed a development version o Insider, we will no longer be able to take a step back. Therefore, as in the previous case, if we find ourselves in this situation we will be forced to continue with Windows 10.

In any case, we do not have to despair either, since as we have been commenting over the last few weeks, we will soon have a new version of the operating system. In particular we refer to the arrival of the expected by many, Windows 11, which will come loaded with novelties and sure of surprises.

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