Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: Canonical’s lack of interest kills Linux

At the end of April, Canonical released a new update of what is undoubtedly the best known Linux: Ubuntu 22.04 “Jammy Jellyfish”. This new version of the distro arrives as an extended support update, LTS, which allows users to have 5 years of support instead of the usual 9 months. The arrival of an LTS has always been good news. However, for several years now, the news that has been coming to this Linux has been less and less relevant. But, with the arrival of this 22.04, Canonical’s performance can not be considered in any other way than “shame”. And let’s see why.

First of all, make one thing clear. We will always talk about Linux on desktop. In the field of servers we cannot deny that Linux is the undisputed king. But, when we try to use it at home, it is when we find everything but facilities.

It is true that one of the problems that has dragged Linux for a long time is the myth that it is a complicated system, and designed for hackers. That was left behind two decades ago, and today it is no more complicated to use than any Windows or macOS. However, one of the most important companies of this operating system, such as Canonical, has been neglecting its desktop operating system for some time, Ubuntu.

And this is starting to take its toll.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: the worst release

If we start from the previous LTS, Ubuntu 20.04, and compare the changes with the new LTS 22.04, we will obviously find differences. For example, the Kernel is different, as is the version of GNOME, the default Linux desktop environment included in this distro. And the default apps have also been updated. But, if what we are looking for are really internal changes and news in Ubuntu, what do we find? Absolutely nothing. We must bear in mind that Gnome 42 we can install it by hand in any distro, even in old versions of Ubuntu. And the same goes for the kernel of the distro. By installing the latest version of the kernel, in any version, we will be able to have all the improvements that have been included in it, such as better support for Realtek Wi-Fi, support for new peripherals or better compatibility with NTFS, among many others. The same can be applied, for example, to new versions of programs, which we can install in any version with an apt upgrade.

There is no incentive for a user using 20.04 to upgrade to 22.04. The only novelty that we can say that has arrived in Ubuntu 22.04 compared to the previous LTS is a new wallpaper. And Wayland, although this graphical server is giving users more headaches and problems than solutions.

And we should not only talk about the lack of news. If something has characterized Linux distros, it is because they do not have errors. And, if one appears, it can be solved in a matter of hours. However, the new Ubuntu 22.04 has arrived, in Spanish, with a typo which, after almost a month, is still present. Of course, the distro is fully up to date, as is the language pack.

Errata Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

How can these things happen? Either Canonical completely ignores their operating system, or absolutely no one has installed the new Ubuntu, and so no one has reported the typo.

Be that as it may, it is a shame that these things happen. And this already takes its toll on the free operating system.

Linux decline?

All this, in the end, translates into the same thing. Every time Ubuntu is a less attractive distribution for users, who prefer to bet on MX Linux, Mint, and even Manjaro, among other. In addition, Linux does not take off in the field of video games for the same reason, because, although Valve is working very hard to offer compatibility with games, there is no “standard” distro to play.

And, all this, Linux is still dying on the desktop.

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