Will Smith admits what the worst movie of his entire career is

One of the best known actors in the history of cinema, especially speaking of action and comedy, could be Will Smith. The actor, rapper, film producer and music producer has been recording for many hours. However, a surprise has come from the hand of this actor in one of his last interviews. In it, openly and without any hesitation, has publicly recognized what is (in your opinion) worst movie ever made. We tell you all about their statements.

A very complete film career

The truth is that the films and television series that make up the film career of this actor are not exactly few. Specifically, he began his adventures in the well-known television series of The prince of Bel Air, in which Will was the main character, which managed to stay on the air for 6 years.

21 years after his first appearance on the small screen, Will Smith has been a part of more than 35 series and movies. Of course, not all of them have been a hit with the audience or at the box office. Although we can remember great titles such as:

In short, a career as an actor that has brought him the success and triumphs that this actor has received, such as several Oscar nominations. Although you can’t always give 100%, or so Will thinks of some of his movie appearances.

Will Smith acknowledges his worst movie to date

As we have mentioned a few lines ago, in a recent interview that the GQ medium has made this actor, he has talked a little about what he considers to have been his best and worst appearances on the big screen.

Speaking of the best, I think it would be a tie between the first movies of Men in black and Looking for happiness. For different reasons, those are the two near-perfect movies for me.

On the other hand, when it comes to talking about the appearances whose result he liked the least, Will has it just as clear:

Wild Wild West It’s just a thorn in my side Seeing myself surrounded by boys… I don’t like it.

In the case of Men in Black, these were a real success for actor and box office of both. On the other hand, the role he played in the movie of Looking for happiness was the nomination to the Oscar awards as best actor.

However, the critics which at the time were published by Wild Wild West They made it quite clear. It was neither the most beloved by critics, nor by the public and now it is clear to us that neither by the actor himself. This title could even have been the reason that led Will Smith not to participate in another that was much more successful: The Matrix.

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