Will the new MacBook Air M2 be more expensive?

The next MacBook Air, with a predictable M2 chip, seems to be that computer that many have been asking for for a long time. And it is not that the M1 does not work, since it has amply demonstrated what it is capable of. However, this new one would come with a long-awaited design change that is very tempting. Now, the issue of price might not be so longed for… Or yes. Will this new generation rise in price?

Could depend on when it was released

Predicting when the next MacBook Air will be released is like playing the lottery these days. Everything seemed ready for it to be presented this coming March and in fact there are Apple records that indicate that we will see new Macs. However, some analysts have now corrected their information and say that it will be launched by the end of the year. There are also those who say that the WWDC in June could be the occasion. We even have those who are adamant that it will be released in March.

A priori the price does not depend on when it will be launched. At least not directly. However, the date could give a clue about the price, since launching later could be related to the components it mounts. And it is that, apart from the new design, there are those who bet on a mini LED screen in the purest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro style.

This type of screen, although it does not incorporate a 120 Hz refresh rate, could already be a compelling reason to raise the price above the 1,129 euros that the most basic model of MacBook Air now costs. And according to the information coming from the supply chain, Apple still does not have a sufficient supply of these panels and that would cause it to be delayed at the end of the year.

If it were to launch now, it is more than likely that it will do so with a screen similar to the one now. In that case, and despite the redesign, the price could remain intact. In any case, we have already warned that the bickering around this team is extremely contradictory.

The rise would not be excessive either

Pricing is always one of Apple’s best-kept secrets, and whether it ends up going up or not, we won’t know for sure until they make a statement about it themselves. However, seeing the price increases they have made on other devices in these years, this might not be too high.

Our bet in case it rises is that it would be, at most, to €1,229 in its most basic version, which would mean 100 euros more than the current one. In the end, it is still a theory, but which we justify in view of other recent price increases such as in the iPad Air 2020 and iPad mini 2021, which increased this amount compared to their predecessors. The same thing happened in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021, which also rose 100 euros precisely due to a miniLED panel similar to the one that the MacBook Air could mount.

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