Windows 10 for €12 and Office for €24, April offers on lifetime licenses

If you are interested in buying very cheap Windows and Office licenses, is one of the most popular and used online stores to buy really cheap OEM licenses. If you have bought a computer or laptop without an operating system, or you are going to buy one soon, you are in luck because you can save a lot of money buying licenses on this website. Do you want to know all the offers we have available today and throughout this week?

Offers on Windows and Office licenses

All licenses in Windows and Office are for life, so they do not expire after a certain time, in addition, you must apply the discount coupon “REDE” to have a 25% discount compared to the normal price. Next, we put all the Windows licenses with the discount applied:

Office license discounts:

Discounts on Windows and Office licenses in pack:

As you can see, we have a large number of offers on licenses and a very good price for them.

How to shop at and activate the license

Buying at is really very easy and fast, we simply have to go to one of the links that we have given you before, once we have chosen the license to buy that we want, click on “Buy now” and follow the wizard shopping.

The first thing we must do after incorporating the product or products we want is to enter the promotion code, in this case it is “REDE” to benefit from a 25% discount compared to the usual price, as we have explained before. . Once we have applied it, we can select the payment method and we will have finished with the purchase of the license.

It is absolutely necessary to register to buy the licenses, this is because in the “My purchases” section is where we can see the status of the purchase of the license and also of the specific license. Just below we can see the license key that we must activate in the Windows or Office operating system, depending on what you have purchased. We must remember that allows us to pay quickly and safely with PayPal, so it is a guarantee when buying.

Once we already have the Windows license, we are going to activate it. To do this we must go to the “Start / Configuration” section, in this menu we choose the “Update and security” option, and we go to the “Activation” section that we have on the left. Once we have entered this submenu, we will have to click on “Activate the product” and follow the activation wizard.

In this activation wizard we will have to enter the license key and have an Internet connection, it is not necessary to carry out any additional action, the activation is completely automatic and will be done in less than a minute.

Thanks to these offers from we will be able to buy really cheap original Windows and Office OEM licenses, ideal if your new computer doesn’t have the operating system and to have the best office suite.

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