Windows 11 is incompatible on 60% of PCs, Meta is a terrorist organization for Russia, the recap

Windows 11 still excludes many users because of its required configuration, Russia places Meta among the terrorists, fake SSDs abound on the web… welcome to the recap of the day before!

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Yesterday, we were talking to you about very (too?) many users still stuck on Windows 10, for lack of the minimum configuration necessary to switch to Windows 11. There was also talk of Russia’s particularly harsh decision towards Meta. Finally, we warned you about the increasingly frequent scams on cheap SSDs.

These very attractively priced SSDs are scams

It has been several months, even years, that we have seen a significant drop in SSDs, and even storage in general, on reseller sites. Also, it may seem quite normal to come across SSDs at unbeatable prices, thinking there is a good deal. Only here, very often, it is a scam. As proof, this customer was supposed to receive a 30 TB hard drive, which ended up on delivery with a 128 GB model.

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Meta is now a terrorist in the eyes of Russia

This is a case that has been dragging on for several months and which started shortly after the declaration of war against Ukraine. The thing is now official: Meta has joined the list of organizations considered terrorist by Russia, AFP tells us. It now remains to be seen what consequences this decision will have on the company, as for the country.

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40% of users cannot install Windows 11

Because, as one might suspect, of the minimum configuration required by Microsoft. The TPM 2.0 chip caused a lot of ink to flow when the operating system was announced, and for good reason: many PCs are still not equipped with it. As a result, four out of 10 users are unable to switch to the OS.

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