Windows 11: Microsoft wants to add a search bar directly to the desktop

Microsoft is currently testing the addition of a search bar on the Windows 11 desktop. This is currently only available on build 25120 of the operating system, deployed on the Dev channel. It allows you to search the web or directly access a site without opening your browser first.

Credits: Microsoft

While Windows 11 22H2 can now land at any time, Microsoft continues to provide Insider members with new features. Yesterday, the Redmond firm published a blog post in which it announced the deployment of build 25120 in the Dev channel. Besides the usual bug fixes, one feature deserves particular attention. As you can see in the picture above, a search bar came to nestle on the desk.

This does exactly what one would expect: it allows you to search the web or type in a URL to go to a site without having to open your browser. Microsoft does not intend to stop since it plans to add other widgets to the desktop in the future, without specifying the content of these. We can nevertheless expect something relatively similar to what we found on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

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Windows 11 could soon get a search bar on the desktop

In the meantime, Insiders members can therefore already test this first test. For the moment, the feedback mainly concerns a very specific bug: the taskbar does not take into account the user’s default browser. As you might expect, this one systematically opens searches in Edge. So let’s hope this isn’t yet another deceitful method by Microsoft to force people to use Edge.

Remember that the Dev channel is primarily used to test features in the first phase of development, and that many of them never see the light of day on the consumer version of Windows 11. It is therefore difficult to say at present that the taskbar will indeed find its way outside of the Insiders program. If you still like the idea, be aware that third-party applications like rain meter have been allowing you to add a number of widgets to your desktop for years.

Source : Microsoft

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